Tenure v. Turnover

In our last post/discussion I think we collectively named Daniel Carrico the next Sevilla captain.  But it got me reflecting on just how much turnover we’ve had.  This is something we’ve all noticed following Sevilla’s wild offseason this year.  Even by our own extreme standards its been pretty insane.

Nine new players have come in, and others may still be on their way.  Personally, I’m worried that we’ve lost the identity of the team on the pitch with the departures of Coke, Krychowiak, Banega, and Gameiro.  Undoubtedly we’ve brought in some highly regarded players.  But hitting re-set is unnerving.  I was just curious so I wanted to look at what tenure on the team for each player looks like.  Below is the list of players who suited up against Granada (and their jersey numbers for that match) along with the number of years they’ve been on the senior team.

Returning Guys:

  • 1. Rico – 2 (cantera)
  • 2. Tremoulinas – 2
  • 5. Kolo – 2
  • 6. Carrico – 3
  • 7. MKD – 1
  • 8. Iborra – 3
  • 10. Kono – 1
  • 13. Soria – 1 (cantera)
  • 15. N’Zonzi – 1
  • 18. Escudero – 1
  • 19. Vitolo – 3
  • 20. Pareja – 3
  • 22. Rami – 1
  • 23. Mariano – 1

New Guys:

  • 4. Kranevitter
  • 9. Vietto
  • 11. Correa
  • 12. Ben Yedder
  • 14. Kiyotake
  • 17. Sarabia
  • 21. Vazquez
  • NA. Ganso
  • NA. Mercado

What does this tell us?  Among returning guys the average amount of time at this club is just 1.8 seasons.  Across all team members the average duration of at the club is just 1 season.  That’s insane.  We only have four guys who played on the Europa League championship team against Benfica in 2014! (Iborra, Pareja, Carrico, and Vitolo).   Of course, that’s sort of under-counting the time at the club from Soria and Rico who grew up with the club, so I’m only counting senior team years.  But still…

How does this compare to a team like Atleti?  I don’t have the time to check, but it would be awesome if someone else wants to give it a shot.  I realize we are revamping the team’s entire approach so more than a normal number of changes was necessary.  But I’m really hoping that after this season we can start getting some greater continuity for this team since I believe that is the key to our taking things to the next level.

I’ve said this in the comments but I’ll say it again here just for the sake of discussion: I’m nervous.  I liked this team over the last few years (even though our performance last year was very inconsistent/weird).  Additionally, I don’t feel like the typical rule of “In Monchi we trust” applies.  As far as I can tell most of these are Sampaoli signings not Monchi.  I’d say that only Kiyotake and Sarabia were Monchi signings, though maybe you can say Ben Yedder as well since Monchi clearly has been interested in him for a while.  Let’s just hope that Sampaoli and Monchi have done as good a job as some of us are hoping and this team lives up to its seemingly immense potential.  6-0 in pre-season seems great, but from what I’ve seen performances have not always been consistent and the competition has been weak.  We’ll get a much better look with these cups coming up…

Do these numbers look right to you guys?  Am I missing anyone?  Let me know if I messed anything up.

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  1. Interesting post Rene. I agree that the team need more long-staying players in order to achieve success… and a success-aspiring team needs something that Sevilla hasn’t done, but Atletico has done in 2012, keep the same team and aim for more in the next season!

    It is traditional at Sevilla to sell at least 2-3 key players every season, while trying to replace them (which didn’t work well all the time). This also comes down to the wages (which the management didn’t increase a bit in the recent years), a big motivational factor nowadays.

    When I see Sevilla doing something like Atletico did in 2012, where I analyzed their formation and they literally didn’t change anyone from the first 11 expect Falcao and a couple of other subs, let’s validate this fact as following:

    In 2012 Uefa Supercup triumph vs. Chelsea (31 August), Atletico’s team was this:

    The first 11 was this: Courtois, Juanfran, Miranda, Godin, Filipe Luis, Mario Suarez, Gabi, Adrian Lopez, Koke, Arda Turan, Falcao. The subs are: Asenjo, Silvio, Cata Diaz, Raul Garcia, Emre, Cristian Rodriguez, Diego Costa. Only Emre, Cristian Rodriguez and Raul Garcia were subbed in, not Diego Costa (who was an undisputed starter after Falcao was sold).

    The team from above was the one from the 2012-13 season. Now let’s have a look at the historic team (La Liga winners and CL finalists) from the 2013-14 season, namely the first eleven and subs at the Uefa CL final vs. Real Madrid in 24 May 2014:

    First 11 team: Courtois, Juanfran, Miranda, Godin, Filipe Luis, Raul Garcia, Tiago, Gabi, Koke, Diego Costa, David Villa. The subs: Aranzubia, Alderweireld, Mario Suarez, Cristian Rodriguez, Jose Ernesto Sosa, Diego, Adrian Lopez. Arda Turan was in the team, but injured or suspended by yellows I’m not sure, so he didn’t feature in the CL final.

    So in fact, from 2012 to 2014, the following changes were made (not counting the useless subs): Falcao left, Tiago joined, Villa joined. That’s it! All the other were there and stayed from 2012 to 2014… some were even from 2010-11…. crazy ain’t it?

    Now, when my beloved Sevilla will do something like this in the future, only then we might truly aspire for title race and for long CL run. Until then, by constantly having 2-3-4 key players leaving, nothing big can be achieved.

    1. Post

      wow. great reply. this is in line with what i think i suspected. atletico has been very stable.

      (and this is, in my belief, largely because they pay better salaries than us so their players are happier staying)

      i wonder what the average tenure at the team is for atletico. some of those guys have been there a while.

      not a single player on our roster pre-dates emery. that is insane.

  2. Thanks for the great post! I recently found this blog, and I am excited to participate with other Sevilla supporters!!
    I think you have a point, but I am more concerned about the new manager then the player turnover. I think even if we had basically the same team from last year, having a new manager means that everyone would have to play in a different style, and so we could not count on getting the same results from the same players.
    Having said that, while this year there was a significant number of new faces, I like the moves for the most part. Granted, it will take them some time to come together as a team, but that is what always happens for this team. However, comparing them to say, Valencia, I would much rather have a team that is always having turnover, but moving slowly up, then a team that goes all in for a (doomed) champions league run, and then falls apart after.

    1. Welcome to the blog Michael!

      In other news, Mercado made official today as he signed for 3 seasons with the club (till 2019). Nice.

    2. Post

      welcome! oh, trust me, im worried about such a short timeline to implement totally new tactics as well! don’t worry, ive got lots of anxiety.

      and again, not to say these are bad changes, just that they’re BIG changes. and even small changes can take time to adapt.

  3. Well, let’s heard the explanation from Castro “this model bring us huge success over past 10 years, when things work, don’t break it…”

    I think what is really means is, if Sevilla really wants to be great in champions league, you need to keep subbing in better player every seasons (Until monchi gone?).

    Obviously there’s a huge risk that new players may be worst (luckily we have Monchi), but it’s the only way that a non champions league team can improve because you simply can’t keep your best player unless you’re in CL knockout stage constantly and rich.

    For example Castro just said yesterday, he offer BETTER contract than Atletico to KG but he refuse to renew, because he doesn’t see Sevilla as a club that challenge league title. Same as dani Alves, krycho and many more. Make use of the money they left for Sevilla is the only way you can do.

    1. keep KG one more year and sold him next year for like 15M, probably la liga 4th
    2. Sold KG now for 40M and get Ben Yedder, probably still la liga 4th
    The board choose option 2 any time of the day obviously.

    1. Post

      interesting points. i guess what you’re saying is you need to prove you’re a winner FIRST and that you believe players prioritize winning over money…

      im a little skeptical, although you make good examples.

      but counterexamples would be Bacca (AC Milan), Medel (Stoke?), Mbia (China?), Banega (Inter)…. guys who seemed to prioritize money over being on a functional team when they left

      both are definitely important though and you make a good point about how they complement one another.

    2. Carl how about Keep Gameieo and make extra money from cl run? And how about financing ben yedder or other player by selling one player per season at best possible price? We sold Raikitic for 20m? Kyrchowiak for 26m? Even Villareal can sell Bailey for 40m and finance their transfer season with it. When you lose one player per season, you’ve little problem in building up on last year’s team, but when you sell 3-4 key players per season, it’s tough. Our Finance will be close to Napoli if we reach Cl this year , but you don’t see them selling their players for whatever little money they get. If a player want to leave fine , but if a player has sense of entitlement that we should sell him for whatever little bid we get , that shouldn’t be accepted. It’s not as if Clubs like PSG , Barca can’t pay 50m for world class player like Kyrchowiak, Raikitic .

  4. Caio playing for Brazil Olympic NT vs. South Africa, a CB pair alongside Marquinhos of PSG. Neymar and the new “supertalent” Gabriel Jesus in the Brazil team also…. but they don’t look anything special so far.

  5. Shend , how can We emulate Atletico if other clubs know they can get a 50m player (like Raikitic or Kyrchowiak ) for 25-26 m at Sevilla?Did we really need to sell Gameiro? What’s the use of extra tv money if we keep on selling our core players ?with new tv money and a good cl run we can make extra 80m alone , that should be enough to keep few core players . Sell one player a season for maximum to finance our transfer , and use extra money from cl and league to build on last year’s success. Sevilla can be next big thing , but not with this model. How on earth one of best dms in world is sold for 26m in his prime?and that too in today’s market? I hope with deep run in cl this year will change our owner’s attitude.

    1. Agreed 100%, you’re spot on! Especially considering today’s market… Krycho for 26m was a joke… and not even a funny one (can’t get worse than jokes that are not funny).

      If Gonzalo “Chokein” costs 90m, then why Krycho at 26m, when he is way way worthier as a team player and younger than the choker?

      Definitely the management will need to work more on this “glitch” and fix it before it’ll be too late for the club.

    2. partially agree. some of your examples had other factors at play that i think hurt our efforts to get max value.

      rakitic only had one year left. so that really hurt our bargaining power since it was clear he would just walk at the end of the season if we didnt sell him.

      krycho is super annoying and frustrating, but the emery connection made a big difference for him.

      gameiro… this one bothers me. but if what carl said is true, it was more about him going somewhere he truly thought could compete for championships. and perhaps we DID offer him a better salary. in some ways that rationale is almost more upsetting because even our star players dont think we’re a truly top team. and yet, its also more realistic. can anyone argue that we are in the same tier as atletico right now? not really. not yet at least.

      anyway, i find myself one day being extremely frustrated and critical of management, and the next being absolutely in awe of them. usually its the latter. but this summer has been frustrating.

  6. my fellow sevilla fc supporters, you do not have to worry about these changes. this is now the launch button to something even greater. yes, giving atleti as a model fo what we should do is great but their fans were once frustrated as us but i would like to think that this is now coming towards the end of us being labeled a selling team. i really believe in sampaoli, he wont fail i tell you, dont be pessimistic, by the time the champions league begin we will be well oiled come on look at this good pre season, yes its preason, but aint it good for a start to a new system?
    looking at the challenges i think we have a good chance of reaching the quarter finals of the ucl this time around. italy got juve, germany got bayrn and bvb, france got psg, while england have man city, i think we can have a good shot against these teams honestly, why? cause we have a winner in sampaoli, his system suits the morden type champion teams, he will win.
    if we can finish top 4 and who knows, win this liga, and get to the UCL quarters the money will be there for better salaries to our players so i repeat, this is now the LAUNCH BUTTON for us. Vamos mi Sevilla dont be pessimistic guys, have a good beer and wait for the new season, you shall see
    oh and about the captain, why did everyone quickly wrote off Adil Rami, he a starter, got perfect defence command and is tall and imposing as i am, im 8’1″ (lol, im joking).

    1. Rene , i’m not against keeping players against their will , but today almst every single players want to jump off ship either for a better pay check or for a better team. My point is no player should feel entitled to leave, every player has a value and that value should be met. I’m fan of our scouting , but this will only materialise if we can keep our players for longer period. Carl example was more practical before new tv deal , why do we need to sell our best players to super rich clubs for peanuts?some Sevilla fans say we need to maintain good relationship with these super clubs , but what good did we get in return from these clubs? How many players did we get from these clubs? I’ll still maintain , sell one player per season at maximum (even Villareal can fetch 40m for player like Bailey) and keep others, if others want to leave , make them pay release clause. Atletico build their success on the extra and continous money flow from cl(good 50-70) m , if we can repeat cycle of good cl performance , our quality of signing aswell as keeping hold of players will strengthen.

      1. Post

        i totally agree. im just saying that rakitic we didn’t have much leverage.

        and its insanely aggravating that players can pout and sulk and force their exit. i HATE that. a contract means you should honor it. but that’s just not how football works. so keeping them happy requires things beyond what is in the contract itself.

        im just not sure its as easy as you’re suggesting that we could have just refused to release krycho and then suddenly PSG would’ve handed over 40 million. i have to believe that if it were possible, monchi would’ve done it…

        i hope at least. because just doing favors for big clubs makes no sense.

    2. Lol Manello, I love the passion. You know it’s typical for us sevillistas to be up & down about our hopes right? Just look how the summer went. I share those same thoughts about a good season. This shall be proven over time, but we have a great squad. It’s very capable to compete on multiple fronts. I think the worry comes from not only the fresh faces, but it being Sampaoli’s first time in Europe. But he’s proven himself on the international level. Regardless of origin, a new manager is always a risk.

      All we really need is a good start, and we got 2 Supercopas to prepare for that. Not every team has the chance to warm up (in competitive matches) against two of the best in the world. We’ll do fine. Very important few days before the big one.

      1. Rene , there’s a saying” we get treated by people the way we allow them to treat” players know we’ll sell them if they force exit , and with that attitude come with sense of entitlement. As far as selling Kyrchowiak or any other players with 2-3 years left on contract is concerned? Why do we need to sell them in first place? If PSG or others don’t meet the valuation , fine keep the players. It’s not as tough as you seem to believe.Mussachio wanted to leave for Milan, club put on 30m price , Milan backed off. Villarreal already had cash from Bailey deal, and didn’t need to sell to balance book either. Let’s hope things changes with Sampaoli , who don’t see Sevilla as a stepping stone to bigger club( that’s a good start)

    3. 110 percent agree with you Manello. I believe in Samaoli and his winning attitude. As i maintained in my other post, we can beat any team bar Barca or Bayern ( even RM) Sampaoli is not Emery ( no disrespect to Emery) Last year we were amoung the teams that allowed opponents to take most shot near or inside our box. With Sampaoli’s pressing system that will be unacceptable. If we get good group, we can make qf atleast. Make no mistake , Sampaoli is a winner , he won’t be happy with mere good showing and losing with a great fight ( even Atletico have this disease) He will not be content with less than win if opportunity comes calling. In Last year’s Copa , or in world cup , his players didn’t look like if they were playing against far superior opponents in Spain, Brasil, Argentina. They were their to do business. I want this mentality. This mentality wins you big things , not just putting in great efforts.

  7. sevilla will do well this season with the new signings. ganso and Ben yedder are monsters,you guys should be excited. To me,this squad is the best they’ve had for a while and with this, they can challenge for the title. LA liga will be fun.
    Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation, repent.

    1. Post

      i appreciate your enthusiasm. i’m both nervous and very excited. its a really exciting project and the guys you listed look really good… though ive only seen highlights, and everyone looks good in highlights. so we’ll see.

      please, lets keep our religious/political views separate from this blog. thanks!

  8. On the subject of turnover, anybody find it interesting how many of these players came from clubs fighting relegation? Sarabia (Getafe) & Kiyotake (Hannover) both came from teams that went down. Vazquez’ Palermo & Ben Yedder’s Toulouse fought against the drop till the last day of the season. I’m not sure if this will translate into a slow start from these players — I think that depends on each individual’s attitude anyway — but it’s a new experience at the other end of the table. I don’t think there’s anything better to motivate a player than winning football.

    Also, despite all these great players leaving, and just taking a step back to observe the last several years in the playmaking role in particular, we’ve gone from Rakitic to Banega to Ganso. Assuming that Ganso comes thru of course, does anybody else find that frickin amazing? Monchi delivers.

    1. Rakitic – Banega – Ganso is a decent trajectory indeed, and we have no one but Monchi to thank for that.

      Regarding some of the new players coming from relegation zones and their teams being relegated… I think that is what Monchi looks for in players when he signs them, big players or not, in most of the cases. It is usually players that have a lot of talent and potential, but that couldn’t show their class in the clubs they were in because of the weaker teammates, or something like that. Although Franco for instance, he was the main reason that Dybala blew up to a big player, at least that’s what Serie A fans say.

      Remember that we signed Krycho from Reims who were 8 points clear off relegation in Ligue 1 2013-14 season.

  9. Well Rene, it looks like Captain Iborra for the foreseeable future… sorry for the Carrico snub.
    I am feeling very positive about the upcoming campaigns of Sevilla and of course RM. Let’s enjoy the super cups!

  10. Kinda off topic but Emery will be managing his first competitive PSG game this Saturday in the French Super cup against Lyon l.

  11. the team is starting to shape out. I am not very fond of the 3 at the back system. But like the ambitious Sampaoli. He obviously has a winning mentality. He wont compromise being 2nd. He wants to be first. Maybe he needs 1-2 seasons in order to get things right. But at least he wants to win.

  12. and the truth is we dont’t have a player that is a true captain for this team. the guys that are for three years here arent even starter players. It would nice to have a player like that. Hope Rico stays here for a long time, he could be a future captain

    1. Carrico and Vitolo are undisputed starters, unless injuries or card suspensions happen. From the others that have been at the club for 3 years, only Iborra and Pareja are not starters.

  13. Hey meme, I have no problem at all with Iborra if he is named captain. Did you see that actually reported or just people saying they thought he was likely?

    I’m just skeptical about how much time on the pitch he’ll get from sampaoli

  14. Hi Rene, I think GreekSevillista just posted a link. From what I’ve been seeing at the news conferences, it’s been Iborra who’s being representing the team. From that I made my conclusion.

  15. Interesting that he’s the captain now. But as Carl said, if we sign another AM/CM… Iborra will have to go. I mean, with all due respect, but I cannot see him get more minutes than say: Franco, Ganso or Correa…. simply can’t see it happening. He will feature in the CDR though.

  16. Kiss my lucky stars…it happened again!!! Anybody noticed how the EPL sides Always get relatively easy draws for Uefa competitions? I mean, what are the chances that it happens every year…it’s blatantly ridiculous now. I wouldn’t be surprised that in the future some sort of uefa corruption gets exposed involving these English sides. Even in the knockout ties, they always get favourable calls and dubious penalties…

    1. To be fair, any team that Man City get at this stage of the CL is an easy draw for them. They just spent around £100M on a few players since Pep has joined, and are threatening to spend more! It is getting out of hand, and FFP seems to be totally ignored (or just manipulated well) by not just City but a number of clubs. The EPL has gone absolutely nuts this summer (only Arsenal seem to be their usual self)! It will be interesting to see how it all translates to European success though.

      Anyway, and far more importantly, Sevilla! I am neither overly anxious or too wildly optimistic about what this season will hold. Experience has taught me to have faith that the club knows what it is doing, and the Sevillismo will always carry us through to a point. I think we will always win the vast majority of our home games regardless of who is in charge, and if Sampaoli can get us some early wins on the road, then we are already doing better domestically than last season. A good start is required, instead of playing catch up like last season. It will be different without Emery, but I have faith that we have appointed a manager worthy to fill his boots.

      If we start well, and win away from home now and again, I see no reason why we can’t challenge for top 4, and not have to rely on the Europa League again (which, hopefully isn’t even an option this season).


  17. Llorente is officially now a Swansea player. Signed for 2 years.

    For me a player that never really fit into our fast style of play. In all fairness over the season his goals and assist tally would probably be in double figures. Add to that a great guy to have in the squad.

    Good luck in your new venture and thank you for your contribution this year.

    1. farewell sweet prince!

      you will always be remembered for your winning goal for us against Real Madrid 🙂

  18. Well, that went good for my Llorente “plan B” for Sevilla FC analysis! Just as I was saying that Sampaoli would use him like Bielsa, he got sold to Swansea. At the end of the day, futbol is smarter than all of us. Hope he inspire Swansea to do a Leicester.
    I am concerned about Ganso. Maybe the coaches want him in absolutely tip top shape. The problem is, with Sampaoli’s style, if you miss the start, it’s hard to get in. It’s like a college math class…if you miss the first classes, you’re #@$&! Unless you’re a genius ofcourse.

    1. Lol… good analogy with the college math classes…. they made me nauseous back in college.

  19. Seems we have made a formal offer for Rodrigo Caio. A complicated one but an offer none the less.

  20. Just read that Coke is reported to be out for about 6 months after the knee ligament injury. So sad…. hope he recovers well and leaves a good mark in Schalke.

  21. We are linked with Armando Izzo, a CB of Genoa and Sebastian Perez a DM of Atletico Nacional (Colombia – Champions of Copa Libertadores).

  22. By the players highlights… I can see that Perez is somewhat of Krycho’s profile and we might need him…. as for Izzo… he is quite similar to Kolo, only that Kolo has the advantage that he is adapted at the team, plus rejected an offer from Middlesbrough only to stay with us… so I doubt we need another CB, considering that we also have Pareja, Rami and Carrico for that position.

  23. As was reported by ShendM, I’m sad to see Coke’s got off to a horrible time at Schalke. I hope he returns to strength soon, he was a Sevilla legend, loved for his enthusiasm for the badge. Despite the sales of the big name stars, seeing Coke & Reyes leave has been a bit of an additional damper on this off season.

  24. Well Rico, big teams do bring in the TV revenue, but do you know what condition spikes TV revenue through the roof? Answer – The success of an under dog, that’s right; Cinderella and her pretty silver shoe. Get Leicester in the semifinals of the CL and see what happens.

    1. Well Meme, noone would cared if Leicster story happend in any other league, and most would’ve seen it as a proof of weak league. Big clubs that draws crowd get special treatment , Rm’s joke draws over the years. I don’t see how a RM fan is complaining about draw?

  25. Anyway, my dream job in futbol would be a talent spotter, like Monchi. I have an eye for talent. I told the world ( my small circle of friends and street side pundits) about Aimar, Riquelme, Aguero, Messi, Drogba, Ronaldinho, R9, Neymar,etc before they were even stars. Folks, I have just spotted one…Otavio…remember the name. Also, Marco Asencio of course.

    1. Hmmm… interesting. What do you look for in a player when judging them and predicting their successful future? Scouting is really a science on its own and I like talent-spotting also… but I excel mostly in FM games 😛

  26. Well ShendM, I can’t really explain it properly…as a matter of fact, I don’t think it can be explained. I look for a certain manner of play, spacial awareness and decision making. The awareness and decision making are the most important. Sometimes the player do a move but do it in a way that provides a plan b in case the move is not successful. At other times the player do a familiar skill, but do it in a way unique to him. Above all though, I look for IMPROVISATION. Look what a player does when put in a difficult situation. The way how he handles it will reveal if he his on the next level.

      1. Would Navas be an immediate starter on this team? Would he push Vitolo (nope) or Kono (maybe) out of the lineup? Could he play a wingback position? Lots of questions. I love Navas, but to bring him back, just to bring him back seems like poor management. However, he could play in Champions league right?

      2. He could… if he doesn’t play for City in the play-offs of CL.

        He has still a lot to offer and 2-3 years more at top I’d say…. and in our formation maybe we can have Vitolo as LW and Navas as RW. I can’t fully trust Konoplyanka yet for the LW spot… and Sarabia might battle with Navas for a RW spot.

        We need 2 LW’s and 2 RW’s anyway… with MKD injured and no other true winger, we would have to improvise by having only 2 natural LW’s and 1 RW (although Sarabia is more of an AM).

        Let Vitolo play in his natural LW position, while Kono battling him for that spot… and I won’t say Navas as an undisputed starter at RW, but he’ll battle with Sarabia for it…. how does that sound?

      3. P.S. If you look at Sarabia’s wiki page, it states that besides playing as an attacking midfielder, he has also occasionally featured as LW for Getafe…. so technically he is a LW (same as Kono and Vitolo), so in fact we don’t have a natural RW for the moment… only improvising. Maybe that is why we are pushing for Navas even though we have 3 wingers.

  27. Navas got lots of industry, but he’s got little to no end product. Barely he gets in a good cross, and for such speed and technical ability his goal stats is woeful! He was a good fit of the past Sevilla, don’t know if he would actually improve this Sevilla. As for Man City, he’s been a total basket case! I’m sorry to be so critical of your icon, but reality is reality. He has not impressed me since he left Sevilla.

    1. Me neither. Even when he was the best player at the club, he still wasn’t the perfect winger for the team as his crosses were disastrous, and at that time we had target strikers like Kanoute and Fabiano with both of them having killer heading skills.

      Anyway, at this point, Navas also got more experience playing with bigger names than in Sevilla back then, adding to that the physicality of EPL which he had to get used to (even though not a starter for the team after the first season). When Negredo sparked at City, Navas did too… but then everything faded for both of them.

      I won’t expect much from Navas, however, icons like him deserve a retirement at their home club. He’d do much better than say Reyes when he returned.

      1. Speaking of Navas, I’ve watched the goals of the friendly Arsenal vs. Man City and it turns out he made a nice assist for the second goal of City at the last minutes of the match. A nice cross for a header… good ol’ Navas 😛 !

  28. I’m more torn on Navas than I thought I would be. Have nothing but awesome memories of him, but I wonder if at 30 years old he has much more to offer based on his time at Man City. That being said, to get him for under $10 million euros seems like a good bargain and I miss yelling “Chucho” at the TV so let’s bring back our homesick hero!

    1. Hahaha! Yeah, I forgot about his homesickness… a ‘syndrome’ that kept him at Sevilla for a good time… eventually he had to deal with that through treatment and such (it’s psychological), but definitely would like to have him back here.

  29. one step at a time ShendM, one step at a time. Let’s see how the team gels first before we start putting unnecessary pressure on them. The Supercups will give us a view of what we can expect, although not definitive, because it’s still early season. How Sevilla handle RM and then Barca over two legs will tell us if the club is on right path. As for the league, i can say now that the top 5 will be Sev, Vill, ATM, Barca and RM. Barca will be favorites to win the league every year until Iniesta gets too old to carry on, and the axis amongst him, Busquets, Messi and the defence gets broken. D.Alves was a big peice, but the axis is still there.

    1. Hmm… interesting ranking and I also think that Atletico will not be the same ol’ Atletico it was before. And agreed about the big roles of Iniesta, Busquets (not even mentioning Messi) for Barca, they have an immense impact in their game.

  30. Mancini left inter Milan just after losing 6-1 to spurs LOL

    I wonder if Banega knew Sampaoli and the bunch of Argentinas are coming (and the mess of inter), will he choose to stay?

    1. Yeah; I’m sure he didn’t think this would happen.

      So Navas for RM is also out. They are only bringing 20 including Zidane’s son. Seems like this is setup perfectly for Sevilla to win this game. I would be disappointed if they do not win.

      Goalkeepers: Casilla, Yáñez and Luca.
      Defenders: Carvajal, Ramos, Varane, Nacho, Danilo and Marcelo.
      Midfielders: James, Casemiro, Kovacic, Modric, Isco, Asensio and M. Llorente.
      Forwards: Benzema, Lucas Vázquez, Morata and Mariano.

      1. …AND Benzema is not expected to start. No BBC in the lineup is a sure advantage, and we have to make the most of it. They still have the likes of Modric, Isco, James & Morata, so it isn’t that much of a disparity.

  31. This upcoming season makes me more excited than I have been in a long time. With all the respect that Emery deserves, watching Sevilla play for the past few years has been short of dreadful (barring the exciting, nerve-wrecking knock-out games). Sampaoli brings in a new philosophy, a new style, that if it works, could be very entertaining to watch.

    However, much like a good stew, all these new ingredients will take a long time to be fully cooked. And this is where I am nervous. I am nervous that Sevilla’s fans and media, will have short patience with the new coach and players. If you read websites such as muchodeporte, a lot of their article put the new style into doubt, and they invoke Emery and his system at the drop of a hat. If things do not start well for the new era, I don’t know how much patience fans and the media will have. This is especially unfortunate since the first games are finals against Real Madrid and Barcelona, two (technically 3) of the most difficult fixtures that Sevilla can have off the gate.

    I consider myself a Menotista, someone who appreciates a good game before a good result. And I have no doubt that given time, Sampaoli and his team can deliver on the promise. But time is not something that can be guaranteed.

    1. amazing how quickly that ordeal fell out of my thoughts. but its a big deal. and also, if you think of the emotional toll that losing coke clearly had on monchi. a win in one of these “finals” would be a really big lift for monchi personally.

      I really hope we win this damn game for sevilla, monchi, and coke. oh and cus, fuck RM.

      1. Easy there Rene…no need to get all that aggressive. Anyway, i’m hoping for a good game. Lots of technical skills and a true advert of La liga and the beautiful game. Third Super cup final in a row for Sevilla. Nervion might well deserve this one, we’ll see.

      2. We warned you early on meme 😛 …. RM and Barca supporters are welcome, but they should expect that we as the opposition of the traditional top 2, despise the top 2 when it’s about Sevilla.

        Personally, out of the 2 I like Barca more, but there are others here that after Sevilla like RM also, but when it comes to Sevilla…. that will be the one and only and the other teams will be despised!

      3. Post

        ha! no personal offense meme. im enjoying all of your contributions here. i just dont like your team.

        a meaningful part of many sevillista’s identity is to have great disdain for RM and Barca. im probably like shendm in slightly preferring Barca to RM, but truthfully, i dont like either. i dont wish injury on anyone. but it is a pretty commonly held view around here that RM and Barca’s strangle-holding the spanish football federation has really damaged the league. only very recently are things starting to improve (with progress on tv rights sharing, though still far behind the EPL).

        id love to pay that back a bit with a win today even if i think its nonsense to call us favorites (as zidane did). even without your top 6 players your team still is probably valued at twice ours.

        regardless, looking forward to it, and good luck!

  32. Hello Iqui, excellent post, thanks.

    It would be great for all concerned to win tonight. It will get the project off to a very good start. We have a great opportunity, but still it will be tough. We need to take our chances, as simple as that.

    I felt under Emery, there was most times an over-reliance on certain players. We were very one dimensional. But to be fair to him, he dealt with a high turnover of players every season. He stuck to his system of play and it worked. You’re right this is a completely new era. We have a different style of recruitment and player profile. The South American mentality with also be an interesting factor, from the coach through to several of our key players.

    I’m very excited this year. Like you say many ingredients. Top quality signings, new philosophy, with a young, fast, hungry aggressive team. I think Monchi will add a couple more players too.

    Lets hope we can win this trophy again. After last years heartbreak, I think we deserve it.

    1. Very excited for tonight’s match. Won’t even try to predict the lineup as I want to be surprised (for the good hopefully), and I hope it will be a great match at first, without the referee impacting the match and damaging us (as it happens way often).

      Only one thing is left to say in this case:


    1. Post
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