Tenure v. Turnover

In our last post/discussion I think we collectively named Daniel Carrico the next Sevilla captain.  But it got me reflecting on just how much turnover we’ve had.  This is something we’ve all noticed following Sevilla’s wild offseason this year.  Even by our own extreme standards its been pretty insane.

Nine new players have come in, and others may still be on their way.  Personally, I’m worried that we’ve lost the identity of the team on the pitch with the departures of Coke, Krychowiak, Banega, and Gameiro.  Undoubtedly we’ve brought in some highly regarded players.  But hitting re-set is unnerving.  I was just curious so I wanted to look at what tenure on the team for each player looks like.  Below is the list of players who suited up against Granada (and their jersey numbers for that match) along with the number of years they’ve been on the senior team.

Returning Guys:

  • 1. Rico – 2 (cantera)
  • 2. Tremoulinas – 2
  • 5. Kolo – 2
  • 6. Carrico – 3
  • 7. MKD – 1
  • 8. Iborra – 3
  • 10. Kono – 1
  • 13. Soria – 1 (cantera)
  • 15. N’Zonzi – 1
  • 18. Escudero – 1
  • 19. Vitolo – 3
  • 20. Pareja – 3
  • 22. Rami – 1
  • 23. Mariano – 1

New Guys:

  • 4. Kranevitter
  • 9. Vietto
  • 11. Correa
  • 12. Ben Yedder
  • 14. Kiyotake
  • 17. Sarabia
  • 21. Vazquez
  • NA. Ganso
  • NA. Mercado

What does this tell us?  Among returning guys the average amount of time at this club is just 1.8 seasons.  Across all team members the average duration of at the club is just 1 season.  That’s insane.  We only have four guys who played on the Europa League championship team against Benfica in 2014! (Iborra, Pareja, Carrico, and Vitolo).   Of course, that’s sort of under-counting the time at the club from Soria and Rico who grew up with the club, so I’m only counting senior team years.  But still…

How does this compare to a team like Atleti?  I don’t have the time to check, but it would be awesome if someone else wants to give it a shot.  I realize we are revamping the team’s entire approach so more than a normal number of changes was necessary.  But I’m really hoping that after this season we can start getting some greater continuity for this team since I believe that is the key to our taking things to the next level.

I’ve said this in the comments but I’ll say it again here just for the sake of discussion: I’m nervous.  I liked this team over the last few years (even though our performance last year was very inconsistent/weird).  Additionally, I don’t feel like the typical rule of “In Monchi we trust” applies.  As far as I can tell most of these are Sampaoli signings not Monchi.  I’d say that only Kiyotake and Sarabia were Monchi signings, though maybe you can say Ben Yedder as well since Monchi clearly has been interested in him for a while.  Let’s just hope that Sampaoli and Monchi have done as good a job as some of us are hoping and this team lives up to its seemingly immense potential.  6-0 in pre-season seems great, but from what I’ve seen performances have not always been consistent and the competition has been weak.  We’ll get a much better look with these cups coming up…

Do these numbers look right to you guys?  Am I missing anyone?  Let me know if I messed anything up.