Subject Change: Hey! There’s a Match Tomorrow!

As I wrote elsewhere, I don’t in fact know enough swear words to properly capture my true sentiments about EuropaFailure-Gate.  But It makes me sick to my stomach thinking about it, so lets think about something else.

We’re playing Malaga tomorrow!  Yes we have dinged up strikers and no one appropriately suited to replace them.  But believe it or not, our lack of fit players doesn’t, in fact, affect whether or not the match will be played!  I know, this is unsettling.

But putting sarcasm aside, this is actually a VERY big match.  Its hard to know what kind of a season Malaga is going to have, but they have dropped A LOT of money on A LOT of GOOD players over the last 6 months  Cazorla, Joaquin, Toulalan, and van Nistelrooy to name just a few.  I’m not sure what kind of form they are in as a team, and maybe its a good thing then that we’re playing them so early and that we’ve played a few competitive matches already (even if we didn’t get the result we wanted).  Because, it is not outside the realm of possibility that towards the end of the season we are battling out with these guys for one of the last Champions League (or possibly Europa) spots.  It would be great to put three points between us up front on day 1.

I’m hoping that this Europa ordeal might be a blessing in disguise and that with a more singular focus on La Liga we can find more consistency and have a Valencia-esque season.  (For those who forget, Valencia totally dominated the teams they should have dominated and as a result finished comfortably third).  Or maybe we can even hang around with the big two for a while while they gallivant across Europe and worry about preen and pose for the cameras.

Anyone have any guesses on the lineup we’ll be using?  Medel starting again?  Caceres?  Strikers?  Has anyone seen/heard much more about Malaga’s play during preseason?  Any predictions for the outcome?

Let’s turn the page guys.  There isn’t really any other option.  A win (even better if it can be convincing) would go a long way in lifting the team’s morale right now.