With Gameiro, Bacca, and Rusescu up front, how do we feel about them?  After having scored 58 goals last season (I was surprised when I realized this was actually 6th best), how many do we expect to score next year?

There are also, obviously some guys crashing forward from the midfield who can/will likely score a decent number of goals as well, with Marin and Captain Rak as two of the most obvious.

I’m actually perhaps most excited about Bacca.  These highlights (granted they’re highlights) show an amazing ability to finish in a variety of ways.  Gameiro’s look a little less multi-dimensional, better running at the defense in big space, but lots of them are breakaway type goals.  Rusescu, hard to judge.  Videos after the break.

Edit: just re-watched the Gameiro highlights.  They are also pretty awesome (though a little old, from 2011 before he joined PSG).




I spared you all and decided not to include the 7 minute Messi v. Rusescu mix that someone made…