Standard Liege v Sevilla – Match Comments

Tomorrow (or today, depending on your time zone), our beloved Sevilla will take the field in Belgium in match 3 of their Europa adventure. I have been outspoken about my ambivalence towards this competition. But I’m starting to rethink it. Last year we didn’t have all that much depth, and it felt as though there was a real damage to our Liga aspirations when we started putting more emphasis on Europa. I still want La Liga to be our number one objective, but this team is just so. damn. deep. Seriously. We have two solid options for pretty much every position. So we can both rotate and compete. And knowing that, I want us to kick some Belgian ass tomorrow (or today).

Emery has said that he is very intent on winning this match and is taking it seriously (duh, what else is he going to say). But he also said there will likely be some rotations. With that in mind, I have no clue who is going to get the start. I’d love to see Gameiro start, but maybe that’s still too risky this soon after his return? Though from what I’ve heard, he feels he’s in great shape. Navarro due for a start? Diogo? Banega is certainly overdue. Reyes? Iborra? Rico?!?!?! Seriously, who can tell with Emery.

I won’t be able to watch the match, but look forward to reliving it through the comments of anyone who is around.