Squillaci Moves on–Ruano to Replace?

Squillaci arrived in London yesterday for his medical clearance for Arsenal, as was rumored last week. I can’t find a fee anywhere, but Marca estimates the figure to be about 6.5 million euros. When Marca actually admits they don’t know something, you have to figure that’s just them picking numbers out of a hat, but there it is.

Speaking of things Marca doesn’t know, they’ve pegged Alexis Ruano from Valencia as our replacement at CB. That article has some mutterings that maybe we were after Demichelis but we weren’t willing to pay the 4 million Bayern were asking. We’ve got 9 days until the transfer window closes–mostly I’m just glad to hear we’re looking for another top-end CB. Wouldn’t mind having one before our (ahem) next game…

Oh also Sevilla “played” a game this weekend. I saw about 10 minutes of it and had seen enough. Barca fans are convinced the result is a sign of their incredible might, but we looked like we were seriously considering playing for that cup until about the 15′, and if you can’t beat 11 dribbling cones in Sevilla jerseys, you should be worried. I mean, Barca looked great and I hope they win La Liga this year, but it just seems like a weird game to get all excited about when you’re the defending Liga champs. When we beat them 3-1 last week we didn’t go nuts because we understood it wasn’t their full-strength squad. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to see our first choice squads face off this season.

In the meantime…kinda big game tomorrow.