Sporting Gijón – Sevilla

On Monchi’s Men’s Match Importance Scale®, this one ranks “pretty important”. Gijón is currently in the relegation zone and recently ran their guts out at Barcelona conceding two goals while up a man and ultimately losing the game, so Sevilla should be both physically and psychologically in a better place than them, in addition to just, you know, having better players. That is, of course, with the small exception that Sevilla will be without both Kanouté and Negredo, who both have slight knocks and won’t participate today. That sounds like a devastating loss until you consider that new signing Baba has scored as many goals as Negredo and Kanouté COMBINED in the last 9 Liga matches. Sounds like an impressive stat for the young Senegalese until you also consider that that means he’s scored exactly one goal.  So, you know, maybe those injuries are a blessing in disguise?

We’ll see. And we’ll see if Baba can build on his impressive finish against Atlético last week with another goal or two today. Come by around game time and let’s have a comment party!