Sporting Gijón – Sevilla Match Comments

When I wrote the preview for Sevilla’s weekend game, I was under the mistaken impression that the team was traveling. They were not, but in my defense they played half the game as if they were also confused about where the game was played, and accidentally traveled to A Coruña. I also indicated that the particularities of the game weren’t particularly interesting to me (I would like to now retroactively claim that getting the basic “where is this game being played?” fact wrong was a clever, meta point about how little I cared about the game), which was true. And prognostically sound, as far as the team’s performance goes.

But that got me thinking about all of the games we have left this season, and how I feel about basically all of them, and where the mid-week visit to Gijón (I have verified this repeatedly, it is definitely an away game) falls on that list. Let’s take a look, shall we? Here’s a list of remaining games currently on our schedule (the final is not on this list because it’s not technically on our schedule yet, and how do you decide if a final is more important than the semifinal that gets you there? Is Marty McFly more important, or his parents? The very question is flawed!), in descending order of importance to me:

  1. Shakhtar – Sevilla. The first, away leg of our Europa semifinal has the potential to be decisive. This game is important to me.
  2. Sevilla – Shakhtar. Obviously the Europa League is the most important competition Sevilla is currently contending for. Obviously these semifinals are the most interesting and important games on our schedule. If the final was on our schedule it would be #1. Duh.
  3. Barcelona – Sevilla, Copa del Rey final. It’s a final, it’s a competition that matters, we have won it in the past. It’s against a team I don’t care for. Vamos, etc!
  4. Sevilla – Betis. It’s Betis. This is probably the most important game left on their schedule. I would like to win this game. But I’m going to be honest, we’re already into or very close to the part of this list that I classify as “games I will probably not actually watch.”
  5. Athletic – Sevilla. It’s the last game of the season, so that seems important as far as the final table situation. Plus it’s an away game; this will be our last chance to not go an entire season without winning an away game. Maybe you think it’s weird I won’t watch these games. But here’s the thing: it’s getting nice outside.
  6. Espanyol – Sevilla. And my wife wants to go outside when it’s nice outside. She hates it when I want to spend a sunny weekend afternoon watching soccer.
  7. Sporting Gijón – Sevilla. And, man, this summer’s soccer slate is going to be awesome. The Euro. Copa America. The Olympics. I want to watch, like, all of those games.
  8. Sevilla – Granada. It’ll be nice to point to these games I didn’t watch at the end of the Liga season when I’m spending all of June, July, and August watching soccer, like, every day.

Anyway, as you can see, the Gijon game on Wednesday falls well below the games to watch list. I hope we win or whatever.