Site Updates: Summer Format

Just a brief note to say that now that we’re in the offseason, I’ve converted the recent results/upcoming matches section (to your left) with the transfer format: who we know is coming, who we know is leaving, and finally the players for whom some decision will be made this summer. In general we won’t put anything in the arrivals/departures sections until a club official confirms it, and if we don’t know an exact number we won’t put our best guess up there–if no number is listed it’s because we don’t know; free transfers will say “free”. The “dudas y preguntas” section is just a place to keep track of players who will definitely either return from an expiring loan or be sold to a club. Anyway, hopefully the whole section over there will help everyone keep track of what’s already been a very busy summer for the club. If you know of something that should be listed, don’t hesitate to put it in the comments, and we’ll try to stay up to date.