SFC-Malaga | Match Comments: Cheryshev, the New Face of SFC

Sevilla supporters can’t contain their euphoria after receiving late breaking news of a last minute transfer acquisition that looks likely to turn the La Liga balance of power upside down.  Yes!  Sevilla have secured the services of Denis Cheryshev, a player who all of us have been salivating over for months and whose presence fills the final gaping need in Sevilla’s otherwise hole-less lineup.

Oh wait…  I think maybe I have things mixed up.  Who the hell is this Cheryshev guy?  Seriously.  I’ve never heard of him.  And why did we sign someone else to play on the left wing where we already have Perotti when we are in dire need of cover for center back and in the center of the pitch?  Honestly, I have no idea what is going on with this signing.  Its a one year loan without an option to buy.  So its not even like we’re securing the services of a potentially promising youngster.  We’re essentially babysitting a 22-year-old marginal Real Madrid player in a position we already have covered.  At least when I used to babysit, I’d get paid $6.25 per hour.

Did Vitolo do so poorly over the last few games that Monchi feels we don’t have sufficient cover for Perotti?  I don’t want us to overuse Perotti this year given his injury history, so having good cover is important, especially for a stretch where we’ll be playing two games per week.  But this still seems like a move that doesn’t add up.  To be very conspiratorial, is there any chance Perotti has communicated that he would like a transfer in January?  And this is a way of making sure we have cover if he goes?  Seems unlikely.  Perotti has worked hard to get back to where he is, he is playing well, and seems to have Emery’s confidence.  So count me as confused.

Anyway.  Malaga are coming to town.  And we badly need the full three points.  The next two matches (Valencia and Barcelona) will be among the toughest of the season for us, and if we don’t want to find ourselves in the heart of the relegation battle after six weeks, we need three points today.

Malaga are similarly in a bit of a moment of transition, but I always expect them to be tough (in recent seasons at least).  Hopefully we can build on our midweek glory.  I’ll say that I expect us to come away with a 2-1 win.  Goals by Bacca and Rakitic.