Sevillista Outlook Barometer

Well, we’re seven games in so far. And are now heading into yet another insufferable international break. So I wanted to take a moment during this aggravating break in the continuity of the season to take stock and see how we’re feeling about things so far.

The positive perspective: On the positive side, we’re in third place! We’ve taken 16 out of a possible 21 from our opening seven matches. For the first time in my memory we are smacking around the teams we are better than, not dropping silly points to teams that should be swept aside. We are getting points both in the RSP as well as away from home. Seriously, what could anyone possibly be unhappy about? M’bia is back to being an absolute beast. Krychowiak is proving he might have been one of the steals of the offseason. Deulofeu and Suarez are showing more and more class with each passing game. Gameiro, Cristoforo, and Arribas might even be back soon to help contribute. This team is out to achieve great things and we should be thrilled to be along for the ride.

The negative persepctive: Slow down. The opening schedule has been VERY generous to us. Four of our seven first matches were against teams presently occupying the bottom seven spots on the table. When we’ve played real competitors for CL spots, Valencia and Atletico, we coughed up points despite having a man and a goal advantage versus Valencia at home, and then embarassed ourselves against Atletico. What happens to this team when our schedule starts getting more difficult? Does anyone on here sincerely believe that we’re going to finish the season above the titans from Madrid? Our back line has some real question marks with Fazio’s late departure seemingly not well addressed in the offseason. The failure to find a suitable replacement for Fazio is indicative of sometimes puzzling financial decisions by team management where the team’s financial security could reasonably be questioned.

Personally, I find myself a little torn on this. But let’s just put it to a vote and get a sense of how we’re feeling seven games in.

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