Sevilla – Zaragoza Match Comments

Five years after starting its latest (and hopefully last) academic endeavor, the staff at the Chicago offices of Monchi’s Men will be graduating next month. As such, there are a few loose ends to tie up, and as a result of that, the time available for writing match previews is a little short right now. So if there were more time, this preview would touch on:

  • Kanouté, our club’s legend, standard-bearer, and one of the last remnants of our recent glory years, sustaining an injury that will likely mean he never wears a Sevilla jersey again (other than the testimonial that I sincerely hope he plays). There’d be several long, moving paragraphs about the first time I saw Big Freddi play, his best goals, etc etc etc.
  • Koné scoring his 13th league goal (15th in all competitions), leaving him just three goals shy of the total that will see him automatically come back to Sevilla as per the loan agreement with Levante. There would be intense hand-wringing about WHY CAN’T HE EVER SCORE WITH US?!? and probably some hypotheticals about what Sevilla would do if he gets there–sell him? Loan him? Keep him, but leave him on the bench? Keep him and play him so Baba never plays?
  • And then there’d be a bit about why we’ll lose to Zaragoza today. But I’d probably eventually start talking about how really, this is a super winnable game and how the table is once again set for us since Atleti, Levante, Getafe and Espanyol lost, Bilbao drew, and we play the last fixture of the week so we’ll know exactly what’s at stake when we take the field. I’d probably also point out that a quarter of the league (seriously five teams) is currently tied with Sevilla at 42 points, so putting three points between us and them would be great. Finally: Zaragoza is one of the worst teams in the league this year, so PLEASE SEVILLA DON’T LET ME DOWN.

There. That’s the review you’d have. Imagine it. Savor it!!!