Sevilla – Zaragoza CdR Match Comments

We say this to introduce every single Copa match, but it’s true: given how terrible the season has been and looks to continue to be, this tournament is Sevilla’s best chance to have something to feel good about when remembering the 2012–13 season. Decent results this year, a favorable draw, and an impressive decade of history in the CdR have combined to carry us to the quarter finals with a sense of optimism and a pretty credible path to the final. We just have to handle Zaragoza at home on Wednesday, a game that will either be Emery’s first win with the club or his biggest failure thus far.

Spahic has been declared fit for the game, which should be good not just for the defense but also because he’s develop quite the knack for scoring handy goals when we most need them. Negredo will be on the list, too, but who knows if he’ll show up, if you know what I mean rimshot. Despite our terrible form of late, we really ought to be able to win this game. No excuses, no asterisks, no lack of motivation: it’s a must-win game deep in a significant tournament for a team desperate to prove it’s not on a rapid decline. On Wednesday we’ll see if the club is up to the occasion.