Sevilla vs Rayo Vallecano – Match Comments

Well…  I’m holding the line I put forward earlier.  The sky may be falling, but it hasn’t fallen just yet.  I didn’t expect more than one point out of our away visits to Barcelona and Valencia.  So we fell short by a single point in the standings…  Oh well.  We still can qualify for European competitions, we will not get relegated, and we’ve actually done quite well in Europa.  So I refuse to go back on my promise and start panicking…  yet.

Now granted, I also didn’t have the misfortune of watching the Valencia match.  So perhaps it was so ugly, and the Cristoforo for Gameiro substitution so outrageous and inexcusable that I would now be more cynical and jaded in my hopes for this team had I witnessed it…  But maybe not.  Emery has made some mistakes.  Even Del Nido seems to agree with that.  But I’d think he still has at least 2 more games without a win before any talk of replacing him should be taken seriously.

So, let’s just start winning some of these easier matches we now have lined up.  Start accruing some points and crawling out of the relegation zone.  I am not at all panicked about Liga survival at this point, that is premature and alarmist as far as I’m concerned.  Let’s get those three points and start giving this team some space to breathe and play with more of that excitement and attacking flare that, thus far, we’ve only caught glimpses of.

I wonder if we’ll see Cherychev for the first time.  Or whether Trochowski will get a start.  Not sure I’m gonna get to watch much of it, so please fill up the comments so I can relive the glory.


PS.  I’ve been traveling for the last week and thus pulled away from the blog…  Thank you all for blazing on without me.