Sevilla vs Porto Preview/Comments

I haven’t posted in  a while and I’ve never done anything to do with matches but I have some free time at the moment so I might as well.

After our defeat at Santander that’s further damaged our blog spirits and some troubleshooting by SRH which I would recommend you read if you haven’t already we host Porto at 21:05 Spanish time and as we have said every match since the season began this is a chance to turn our fortunes around. Sadly, the team we’ve been drawn against may not be the ideal one for us to do so; a club led by Andre Villas-Boas (the new Mourinho). This is an article about him I found on The Offside a while back: -I don’t know if you guys saw it. Anyway, Porto are the real deal; 11 points clear at the top of the Portuguese league and one of their players (Falcao) is the top scorer in the EL. If that wasn’t enough they have a player called Hulk as well.

As for us, you know the story, bad run of form, defence still suspect, and Rakitic and Medel will be our big hopes for today. has Rakitic and Kanoute up front and Fazio and Alexis in defence with our Ivorian duo in the middle and Perotti and Navas on the wings. Palop of course in goal, unless Manzano’s decided a baptism of fire is in order for Varas.

So yet another chance for rebirth and a victory really necessary if we want to progress. Now all I have left to say is I hope that I’m not gonna be watching this one alone and of course….VAMOS SEVILLA VAMOS.