Sevilla – Villarreal

Villarreal come south this week to the land of Flamenco. Sevilla, also renowned for its hatred of the letter S, isn’t having the best run of the season. I’ve lost count: six straight La Liga weeks without a win? That 2-6 Real Madrid match in which we played some of our best football but saw some of our worst finishing (and some of RM’s best of the season) still looms large as the most recent turning point.

The team is down on themselves as expected, but new faces could turn the tide. Babá and Cala are recent arrivals and likely to see minutes. Both could be game changers seeing how much diarrhea we’ve had at both ends lately (few goals scored, many against). Marcelino hasn’t sugarcoated a single thing through this whole stretch, calling himself and the occasional player out. VARAS has also done his fair share of “hecho pecho”-ing, saying that he knows a couple of his recent blunders have cost the team points. Today, his words were encouraging: “Estamos unidos, somos una piña, tenemos claro lo que queremos y vamos a darle la vuelta a esto” We are united. We are a pineapple (a good thing). We are clear on what we want and we’re going to turn this thing around.
I like it. A host of injuries continue to plague us, and Villarreal have their own share of docked ships from their usual arsenal. Two teams desperate to gain some traction. Should be a good one!