Sevilla – Villarreal Match Comments

You guys. A win today would see Sevilla equal on points for first place. A loss, however, could drop the team to 5th. A harsh swing, sure, but that’s life on the northern end of the table.

Our opponents today won’t make a win easy, as the Yellow Submarine is currently flying high (diving deep? What does a submarine do when it’s really kicking ass?) after goleando in the Europa League at midweek and in general playing pretty well this season. A win today would definitely constitute our best result against quality competition so far this year, and while it’s true that we’ve gotten where we are by being sure to get all 3 points against weaker competition and not necessarily by beating the best in the league, I really want to see our heroes sitting at the top of the table. So here’s hoping!

As always, it’s worth noting that Sevilla and Villarreal have enjoyed basically good relations for the last several years, in no small part thanks to Roig and Del Nido’s collective stands for fair TV revenue. And personally speaking, I’ve got lots of love both for Villarreal the club as well as for their fans that I’ve had the pleasure to meet here in Internet land. So to them I’ll say best of luck today, but also I really want those three points and pole position in the table. So…