Sevilla – Villarreal Europa League Match Comments (vuelta)

Here’s the deal. After the return Europa match today, Sevilla will face Villarreal for the third time in 2 weeks, this time in La Liga. And I won’t be surprised in the least if Villarreal wins or even wipes the floor with Sevilla that day in La Liga. But today, like last week, is the Europa League. This is Sevilla’s tournament. This stage doesn’t fluster them; it brings out the best in them.

Sevilla’s absolute best is perhaps not required today, as the team managed an impressive 1–3 victory at the Madrigal last week. This cushion should allow some comfortable breathing room for our heroes as they take the field at the RSP, although (pedigree notwithstanding) the result is far from a foregone conclusion. Villarreal absolutely has the quality to reverse the tie–but I don’t think they will. Because this is Sevilla, and this is our tournament. Vamos.