Sevilla – Valencia Europa Semifinal Match Comments

The previously mentioned gauntlet begins: eleven days to write the most important chapters of our season (hopefully only the penultimate ones) begins with a Europa League semifinal in the RSP against Valencia. Emery, perhaps aware of the weight of this first match, noted that while the game will be big, “in 90 minutes, nothing will be resolved”. It’s a good point, especially if you’ve been watching the last two CL semis–this game will almost certainly end with “everything to play for” in the second leg. That’s pretty blindingly obvious, I suppose, but it’s also a good idea to ratchet down the tension in your chest as you await kickoff. This is only the first half, and almost no matter how much either team is winning or losing at halftime, there’s still a lot of game yet to be played.

(Having said that, though, I’d be very happy if we got to halftime without conceding any goals.)

Oh, and:


Obviously, you guys.