Sevilla – Valencia Match Comments

And so it is that we arrive at the end of our intense stretch of difficult games, at home to Valencia. Overall we’ve been doing pretty well with the difficult matches this month (with a few glaring exceptions), but even with the losses winning this game would pretty much make October a win. Standing in the way of that result is a pretty good Valencia team that cashed in on its superstars to pay bank loans and is still playing at a high level, currently sitting in 5th. We, meanwhile, are in 9th place but can leapfrog up to 6th with a win today (or 5th if we win by…4 goals). Take a look at the table–we are in danger of losing touch with the lead pack. There’s already 5 points between 3rd and 4th, and without this key win today, we might be building ourselves a very difficult mountain to climb to come April/May.


In other news, today is Mr. Fabiano’s birthday. Hopefully he goes out and gets himself a nice hat trick to celebrate. Or not, I don’t care…just WIN, everyone. WIN.


¡¡¡A por ellos!!!