Sevilla v Valencia: Preview/Comments

We all have a bitter taste in our mouth after the aggravating Juve game during the Champions League.  But the team needs to show its maturity and poise by quickly shifting its focus back to business in La Liga if they want to maintain their impressive position.

Fortunately, Sevilla don’t have any Americans on their team, so no one will be battling a Thanksgiving food coma and won’t be able to use that as an excuse.  Aside from our own team’s form, one of the most enjoyable parts of this season so far has been seeing Valencia be truly terrible.  And yet, they still have undoubted talent and are likely to be dangerous.  We’d be foolish to take this team for granted.

Sampaoli has chosen the following lineup:


Mercado, Pareja, Rami, Escudero

Kranevitter, N’Zonzi,

Sarabia, Mudo, Vitolo


Hmmm….  We are going to miss Mariano on the right flank (wouldn’t Vidal look nice there?!).  And Mudo given a chance to run the offensive show for the day (Ganso on the bench).  Let’s hope we can jump on top of this struggling team quickly, end it in the first half, and not leave anything in the hands of the refs.  Sarabia has an opportunity to prove he deserves more playing time.  I hope he can take it.