Sevilla v Valencia: Preview/Comments

We all have a bitter taste in our mouth after the aggravating Juve game during the Champions League.  But the team needs to show its maturity and poise by quickly shifting its focus back to business in La Liga if they want to maintain their impressive position.

Fortunately, Sevilla don’t have any Americans on their team, so no one will be battling a Thanksgiving food coma and won’t be able to use that as an excuse.  Aside from our own team’s form, one of the most enjoyable parts of this season so far has been seeing Valencia be truly terrible.  And yet, they still have undoubted talent and are likely to be dangerous.  We’d be foolish to take this team for granted.

Sampaoli has chosen the following lineup:


Mercado, Pareja, Rami, Escudero

Kranevitter, N’Zonzi,

Sarabia, Mudo, Vitolo


Hmmm….  We are going to miss Mariano on the right flank (wouldn’t Vidal look nice there?!).  And Mudo given a chance to run the offensive show for the day (Ganso on the bench).  Let’s hope we can jump on top of this struggling team quickly, end it in the first half, and not leave anything in the hands of the refs.  Sarabia has an opportunity to prove he deserves more playing time.  I hope he can take it.



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  1. Hmmm lacking some last pass quality. And a few careless defending plays so far. Wet field making the ball do some funny things.

    Mudo wasted our best chance. Vitolo not very involved

  2. Horrible play by rami just passing straight to a Valencia player on the edge of the box for no reason. This is an issue we’ve seen since match day one. Upsetting we are not better about avoiding boneheaded passing decisions on the back line.

  3. Wow! A lot of thoughts crossing my mind right now.

    First, the referee is still messing around with us. We are treated like a relegation zone team, almost in every match now. Referees are not protecting the very valuable player for Spain, Vitolo. I think since becoming infamous for the dives, Vitolo will get a penalty only if he will have a leg-breaking tackle committed on him… otherwise, I don’t see how could he possibly get one, not in La Liga at least.

    Second, the team looks disorganized. So far, the tactical battle is being won by a high margin by Prandelli. Valencia are playing our game… 3 CB’s at the back with 2 full backs defending and pushing forward, yet they pressure a lot in our half and we look lost there. Someone mentioned here (can’t remember who, I think it was jolazo) that Rami should have an electric collar put in his neck, so whenever he tries to dribble as the last player in our box, he would be electro-shocked. That’s just stupid thing to do from Rami. If i wouldn’t be for Pareja saving his ass… now 2-0 down because of Rami.

    Mudo…. disastrous first half. He is one of the worst, if not the worst player in the pitch so far… and by the end of the half, you could hear Sampaoli shouting in the sideline, something like: MUDO, VAMOS!! like he was encouraging him to wake up… but obviously Mudo is in terrible form for at least a month now. He was also the weakest link before being sent off vs. Juve. Don’t know what is happening with him… but I’d give Ganso some minutes and bench Mudo to clear his head for a couple of matches.

    Valencia are really playing like crap… no authenticity in their game, trying to be a mini-Sevilla, but so far they are defending well and with the lack of a class striker, we can’t do anything. This game is somehow destined to either end in a goalless draw or the first one who somehow manages to score, wins.

    Bacca was there in the stands watching the match… he is injured and took advantage of the opportunity to come and enjoy the derby… he just can’t be bothered to watch his team take on Empoli lol.

    Hopefully the rumors are true and we will have Bacca in January. This could be crucial if we want to stay in the step of the top 4 and at least reach the quarters if we manage to pass the CL group stages by then.

    Not very optimistic for this match… Vietto is not offering anything up front…. maybe better bring on Ben Yedder and Ganso in the second in for Mudo and Kranevitter.

  4. Important 3 points. Extremely weird match… but, we need to hold on with this set of players and the fatigue kicking in till the break in late December.

    Hopefully in January with 1-2 reinforcements we will be back even stronger and not complicate things like tonight.

    Nico Pareja, the clinical finisher, cold blooded striker!

  5. Yep I agree ShendM. Great result for us and we get 2nd for time being, only 6 off leaders Real Madrid!

    We limped over the line but we missing a few key players and suffered a hangover from that frustrating juve him defeat in Europe.

    We will have nasri back next week and others too. We got cup game midweek so can finally rest our players and then be a full power for Granada and Lyon.

  6. Great result. But fortunate we weren’t punished for some shockingly sloppy play on the back line (including Rico). We deserved the win but still, it shouldn’t have been close.

    Really didn’t see anything from vietto, mudo, or kranevitter. Awesome to see Bacca there. Obviously raises a number of questions. Will be an interesting January.

  7. Rico reminds me of palop. Dodgey keeper syndrome. However, a great shot stopper and what a save at the end to ensure we won the game! Yet he makes silly errors. You never knows what’s coming with rico, keeps us guessing, a rollercoaster just like sevilla. We never boring and never do it the easy way but a real excitement in that too, although not always good for the blood pressure 🙂

  8. Just some of my thoughts on some of our players tonight.

    Kiyotake was like a breath of fresh air when he came on, he played some great passes and set us up for the first goal. He should definitely. keep his place in the team.
    I do wish Rami would stop playing the ball across our goal area right in front of the opposing striker, he does this far too often and it does nothing for my blood pressure. I was taught at school boy level that you never do that.
    Vietto is not a natural striker, he has no shot in him and is too easily knocked off the ball. We need to sign a proven goal scorer in Jan if we hope to progress. (I would prefer Aspas over Bacca)
    Kranevitter seems way out of his depth, how he keeps getting picked is beyond me.
    Mudo commits too many silly fouls that often breaks up our attacking moves.

    But hey what do I know? We won that’s all that matters.
    In Sampaoli we trust.

    1. Brian, curious to know as to why you’d prefer Aspas over Bacca? Is it because the first would fit better in Sampaoli’s system? To be honest, I don’t think another mixture of Vietto and Ben Yedder would suit us…. we have to go for someone that will have a greater presence in the box and that would be a clinical finisher. Ben Yedder is not that bad in overall, but he lacks out of the box play… while Vietto lacks inside the box play, but we can’t risk to field both at the same time in many matches.

      Aspas is good, but he failed in Liverpool and failed in Sevilla. Bacca shined here… but it was a different system altogether of course.

      With tonight’s performance, it’s also almost sealed and proven that our counter-attacking abilities are crap. We had 2-3 great opportunities to counter attack and in one of them we were outnumbering the Valencia players who were defending, but wasted the counter in a silly manner.

      So far most, if not all out our goals came from build up play… which is nice, but we also need the shortcut/alternative to the build up play, which is the counters. I can’t count how many games we’ve won under Emery in 2014-15, solely based on counters. That’s the season we were shining away from RSP… and all thanks to 2 components, counters and set-pieces… both of which are not a strong feature of ours this season, however, the build up play is very very good.

      1. Bacca is an unorthodox, yet brilliant, finisher. But he isn’t much use on building up play or bringing in other players into the mix. With Emery’s system, he excelled because he spearheaded attacks, and his sole responsibility was to get the ball in the net, toe poke and all. If you have seen him play with Colombia, you can see that more often than not, he is more of a hindrance to build up play, instead of adding to it.

        Aspas has a little more associative play, but also is a bit more anarchic with his movement. I’m not sure how he would fit within the system.

        Are these really our only options? 2 players that were with us 2 years ago? Hopefully there are other options in the market. In Monchi we trust.

        And lastly, I just want to give a vote for Vietto. Sure, he is not a traditional striker, in the sense of being a box predator or a target man. But his build up play is exceptional. His movement looking for diagonal runs allows other players to move into the box and has an above par vision to create chances for other players. How many assists does he currently have? He is also pretty gifted technically, and while not being a clinical finisher ala Bacca or Gameiro, he is good at placing the ball when given limited space. This is why I think Sampaoli prefers him over Ben Yedder. BY might be a bit more clinical, but his movement and build up play is not necessarily what works best for the team. Having said that, I do wish we had someone that had a slightly better build, so they weren’t pushed off the ball like wet rags every time a defender breathed on them or looked at them funny. I can’t think of many that would fit the bill… maybe Vargas?

  9. Looking again at the goal we conceded tonight. Terrible marking from Kranevitter… this guy is a waste. What he does during the match can be easily done by all the midfielders of Sevilla Atletico, I’m pretty sure on that. I don’t know if there is an option to cancel the loan on January, perhaps not… and as it seems Sampaoli is favoring his compatriot, giving the guy minutes that he doesn’t deserve. Hopefully we will go for a DM in January and not use the excuse that we are “set” in that sector. Technically, yes: N’Zonzi, Iborra, Kranevitter, even Carrico in urgent cases… but practically, only N’Zonzi is worth something in that area.

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  10. That was the worst the team has played so far this season. I am glad that we managed to walk away with the 3 points. Like most, I think it’s time to give Sarabia and Kiyotake a run in the starting line up. The Spaniard has been doing well in the games he has been getting of late, and the Japanese showed a spark out there. Still not sure why he hasn’t gotten more time recently. He could be a great help, both in the center mid and out wide.

    Most players seemed exhausted out there. Except for Mercado and Pareja, everyone else looked like they were stuck in third gear. Even Vitolo and Escudero looked below par.

    Playing with Kranevitter is a complete waste of time. He hasn’t shown a particularly good distribution or tactical/positional sense, which were supposed to be his strong points. he is lazy when getting back, weak on the tackle, always seems to be 5′ away from the right position, and he can’t start a build up play. As of right now, we really only have N’zonzi as an anchoring CM within the Sampa’s system. Iborra doesnt quite fit, and Kranevitter is non- existent. We absolutely need to buy someone else during the January window. Still not sure why Sampaoli didn’t even give Cristoforo a chance. I think he could’ve been useful as back up to Nzonzi.

  11. Will start doing this from now on, hopefully it will have a superstitious impact (fingers crossed).

    Good job Alaves. Screw you Osasuna. Screw You Granada.


  12. Very good. Tied at 27 points with Barca, but in 3rd place because of losing the first h2h match and their better goal difference. It would be good to keep it up this way. The icing on the cake, Barca beating RM in El Classico next week, and us beating Granada to move closer to RM, and the table would look like this by the end of the 14th round:

    1) RM – 33 pt
    2) Barca – 30 pt
    3) Sevilla – 30 pt


    1. Maybe not for the title… unless we start winning away matches with ease, but at least top 3 would be ideal. If we will pass the CL group stage, we can’t go back to winning the EL to have a CL group spot next season, so we need to do it through the league 😛