Sevilla v. Sporting Gijon: Match Comments

Remember when this season was going perfectly? We were comfortably in 2nd place, within a game of jumping ahead of Real Madrid and a few points clear of Barca. We were in the Champions League Round of 16 with a seemingly perfect draw. Samir Nasri was the signing of the season. Jorge Sampaoli was not only being linked with the Barca job, but was the envy of every big club who was frustrated with their manager (I’m looking at you, Premier League fans). Those were the good times.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve managed to completely drop out of the title race, falling all the way into 4th after Atleti’s win yesterday. We got bounced out of the Champions League because we can’t figure out how to score a penalty to save our lives. Sampaoli is no longer the darling of Europe, and some of us are starting to see some of his faults (while Argentina plans to swoop in for him). Nasri has demonstrated every negative characteristic ever associated with him. Mercado, Jovetic and Rami all managed to get injured over the international break, despite the latter two not even playing. Oh yeah, and Monchi left. FUCK.

So now we face a Sporting team that we have to beat. There’s plenty of excuses in the previous paragraph, but we really need some positive news right now. Given that, I’m thinking we go with a Kranevitter-Ganso midfield with Vietto starting up top (kidding… Don’t get any ideas, Jorge). Can we get Mudo back on the field please? Correa has earned a start in my opinion. Here’s the 18.

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  1. We’re dominating the game, running around and spending energy with frequent through passes and a couple of weak shots on goal, but that’s it. No real threat so far. We would be lucky to get 3 points from this one.

    Perhaps Jojo and Mudo need to get on in the second half.

  2. Hahah… Vitolo broke Amorebieta’s hand with that pass in the box and still the referee didn’t give a penalty for us. But anyway, we would’ve missed it somehow, so even the referees understand that, thus not giving penalties anymore. That holding of Vitolo in the boxt a bit later was also worthy of a penalty, and Amorebieta should’ve been sent off in 2 occasions: 1) foul on Iborra in the air from behind (he had a yellow at that point), and the handball in the box, which literally broke or severely injured his hand that he had to be subbed.

    However, the bad news is…. 4th place seriously at risk now. In the 9 remaining matches, we will unavoidably lose 2, vs. Barca and RM, while we also have to play Valencia away, Malaga away and Real Sociedad at home. The risk for the 4th comes directly from Real Sociedad and Villarreal, but Bilbao is also right there in the horizon just in case we drop points in games like these today.

    We have a worse h2h vs. Bilbao, the same (goal-wise) vs. Villarreal and an advantage vs. Sociedad, with one more game to play against them, and who knows what could happen.

    Bilbao doesn’t have to play any extremely tough matches as they already finished the ones vs. Barca and RM for this season, and even though they’ll face Villarreal and Atletico away, they have the most favorable fixture so far.

    Villarreal, besides Bilbao at home, will also face Atletico away, Barca away and Valencia away.

    Sociedad will face Atletico, Barca and Valencia (all away) and us of course again away.

    Moral of the story, if we don’t get at least 6 points in the next 4 games, we might not play in the CL play off next season, rather rejoin our old love, the EL. It will also depend a lot on what the other teams that are chasing us will end up doing, but we can’t always rely on the others help, so we need to finish the business on our own, hopefully.

  3. Terrible from sevilla, not acceptable to drop points at home to leganes and gijon back to back. why wasn’t vasquez starting? Took Ben yedder off as well! Should have used jovetic alongside yedder

  4. I was criticised when i said Sampaoli head is turned to Barca job. Oh yeah , these mediocre performamces are mere coincidence . Sampaoli is not getting Barca Job, they won’t hire a manager who can’t beat this Leicster. Anyway , Castro can make momey year in year out by selling whole squad , no wonder he’s not selling the club when he can get great divident bg selling player. It doesn’t matter if income of club increases or decrease, profit from sales of player is the objective. Wishing Mr Monchi best of luck at new club where his hand are not tied and board is ambitious enough to spend atleast money they earn. It would be intresting to see how Sevilla board will keep this business after Monchi leaves.

  5. Not relegation but club like Villareal, Real Sociedad , Valencia , Bilbao will be our competetion for 4th place. Sweet sweet cl money (45m guranteed for ko ) and la liga money jump of 35m plus with new tv deal will be tough to grab with squad overhaul every summer. I think Sevilla will be competing for 6-10th place from next year. Intresting time ahead for club , fans and Castro.

  6. Sevilla are ok, no reason to get depressed at being 4th with a 9 point cushion. But i didn’t go to the game, for the first time in a couple of years. Sometimes it’s good to just take stock of things. I’m going to post some more thoughts on the state of football and Monchi later.

  7. I don’t think it’s time to worry about falling out of the 4th spot yet, although losing Wednesday could mean we finish the week with just a 6 point gap (and having proven that we’re not a sure thing to beat lower table teams at home so we can’t take the wkend game for granted). Would be really happy to see us at least attempt to launch some balls from deep to our forwards just to stretch out the field a little bit. Playing pure tiki taka vs Barca without our best defenders could end up being a very bad loss and the straw that breaks the camel’s back, and whatever defense we’ll have won’t be able to handle the pressure that Barca will put on us if we try to pass out from the back every possession.