Sevilla v Sabadell – Match Comments

Well, we’ve got a match today folks.  One that seems like we could/should be able to build some momentum with.  Though, with that said, the lineup will be something like our C lineup filled with tons of youth team players.  Of course that is always exciting and interesting in it’s own right, but the team’s performance iin this game will probably not reflect the first team very much.

Anyway, we carry a 6-1 away win into this one, so there shouldn’t be too much drama (unless something goes drastically wrong).  Here is the list of eligible players (youth team players in bold): Barbosa, Sergio Rico, F. Navarro, Kolo, Arribas, Diogo, Mode,Luismi, Tena, Cotán, Cristóforo, Denis, Deulofeu, Gameiro, Reyes, Iago Aspas, Carlos Fernández y Juan Muñoz