Sevilla v Malaga

Here’s our last match before the break.  And who did we invite to the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan to come celerate this landmark with us?  Old friend and stabber of backs Juande Brutus Ramos.

His Malaga sit 11th, but in a thick middle part of the pack just four points from European spots.  It also looks like their recent results have been fairly poor, marked by a 1-1 tie at home to Granada, a 0-0 tie with Valencia, and a 0-2 loss to Cordoba in the Copa del Rey.  So hopefully this is a good time to play a shakey team.

It could also be interesting to see how Ramos is welcomed to the stadium.  I guess it is now an open question as to whether the Juande era was truly Sevilla’s greatest since we won a similar amount of hardware under Emery, but it was objectively great.  And it was our first run of continental prominence and therefore in some ways more groundbreaking than what Emery built on top of that foundation.  nd of course, the football that those teams played was like 90 minutes of euphoric wing-blitzing chaos.  We have a lot to be thankful to Juande for.

And yet, ditching the team mis-season, in October, just two months after Antonio Puerta tragically collapsed on the pitch….  How can you respect that?  How is that not the lowest form of abandonment in football history?

Since then, he’s basically failed or had mediocre results everywhere he’s went.  Maybe that deserves some sympathy given the success we have gone on to?  Maybe its time to appreciate his historic contributions?  I think that is mostly where I come down at this point.  But I’ll certainly understand if others feel like he should be booed from now until eternity.

Anyway, I’m guessing we will essentially see our strongest lineup despite the recent Lyon match.  With only a foregone second leg of our Copa tie remaining before break, people will have plenty of time to rest.  Two strikers?  Nasri?  Hopefully we can show some class and not just get three points, but get three points with a little bit of that attacking flare and style we remember from back in those Juande years.

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  1. weird to feel slightly annoyed after winning 4-1

    second half was awful, totally flat, but cannot be too harsh as the job was all done and dusted in a 10 minute spell

  2. end the year 2nd in the league and can look back at another Europa League trophy (beating a cocky EPL team to make it even sweeter)

    2016 hasn’t been too bad when you think about it 🙂

  3. Important 3 points with a spectacular first half performance. Second half should’ve been less complicated without Rami’s silliness… he should be punished to play full 90 minutes vs. Formentera on Wednesday and have a financial fine on 2 conditions: run at least 10 KM and don’t get a booking.

    We always seem lost with 1 man less in the pitch… and we should never ever repeat this again… perhaps some players didn’t learn the lesson from the match vs. Juve.

    Hopefully Barca will drop points tonight and we’ll be at least joint on points with them.


  4. Barca under pressure to win, a draw won’t cut it. As they be a point still behind us. Espanyol won’t be easy for them, they been good in defence lately, even though we put 6 past them on first game of season ;). It would be awesome to be above Barca at Christmas and between the two big guns in 2nd place

    What a great start to the season, very similiar to end of 2006 (when we last challenged Barca and real for title), we on a real high. We into the last 16 of champions league, will advance in cup and very much at present in the title hunt. Exciting times ahead folks!

    Just hope we can keep it going. Keep injuries down to a minimum, avoid silly suspensions and add 1 or 2 players in January and we will be laughing. 2 really tough games coming up, huge test of our potential title hunt credentials. We can do it though! Go Sevilla! 🙂

  5. Just to clear things up re Mariano.
    He is not injured, he and Mudo both missed tonight’s game for collecting 5 yellow cards.

  6. A poor run of results of Sevilla Atletico catapults them back to the 9th place in Segunda. Hopefully they’ll get back in form in January.

  7. Yeah. Rough way to go into break. But most important is staying clear of relegation danger and they’re still doing fine at this point.

    1. Definitely… staying in Segunda for as long as possible will benefit the club a lot in overall. Hopefully we’ll have some first team’ers emerge in the near future from this Sevilla Atletico side.

  8. Post

    Sampaoli says we need a center back? That seems third on our list of priorities to me… Maybe fourth if you consider cover for Mariano.

    1. Wow… didn’t expect that from Sampaoli.

      We currently have: Rami, Pareja, Mercado, Carrico, Kolo, with Iborra being able to play as CB in less important matches as well…. why the hell would we need a CB for at this moment? Our defense, take out some silly errors that lead to silly conceded goals (isolated cases), I have to say that is pretty pretty strong. Moreover, we can have Diego Gonzalez who is a rock at the back for Sevilla Atletico, a recent starter for Spain U-21 also… very surprising how the CB spot became a need now?

      Mercado and Rami even feature for their NT’s… Pareja is in the form of his life and Carrico struggling with injuries, but will come back soon to make an impact for sure.

      Unless Samp’s plan is to kick Carrico and Kolo out, and get another CB, that’s a whole different story. Kolo is on his way out anyway.

      Our priorities should be: DM (urgent), CF (semi-urgent), LB (depending on Tremo’s recovery, when Kolo leaves we’ll be left with Escudero as the only LB option). CB…. wouldn’t cross my mind in a million years!

      1. I get it with the concern for CB, while we do have 5 cbs on paper they not the most solid bunch and may not fit in with Sampaoli’s plans. Kolo is on his way out and he was never good enough to play week in week out of us anyway. Mercado is a RB by trade and needs to back up Mariano as he brazilian can’t run for the whole season a la Dani Alves.

        Pareja is in the form of his life but he is 32 and can’t 2 games every week. Rami and Carrico are pure centre backs who can defend but aren’t that good at passing and bringing the ball out of our area, and it was Carrico who lost the ball against barca which cost us the game, not the mention he has been hampered by injuries since last season. The average age of our first team centre backs is worrisome to with all 29 or above aside from kolo.

        I think Sampaoli wants some young and upcoming centre backs in the 24-27 range who can play for us in the champions league, it would be best if they have the technique to bring the ball out of the defense and give good long range passes too. We did sign a Uruguayan centre back in the off season but he’s not in the first team. I would love to see Diego Gonzalez be more involved with the first team as I haven’t seen much of him yet.

        I’ve been busy this year with various commitments so haven’t got time to buy and trawl through the football manager database yet but two names I think may fit the bill are Jorge Mere from Gijon and Lemos from Las Palmas, both are young and expensive but I think would suit us in the long run. IMO we should’ve made a run for Vallejo but with RM calling I don’t blame him for choosing the Bernabau with Ramos and Pepe getting old, perhaps ramos could come back in his final years?

  9. Can someone please translate this in the best way possible (Spanish to English):

    Anoche el argentino dio un paso más y, aunque lo hizo entre risas, dijo que “pedí por Reyes un central, un volante y un delantero”.

    This is what Sampaoli said in the latest conference when asked about transfers. President Castro even mentioned there was a letter that Sampaoli sent to him regarding the January reinforcements. Will the management listen to Sampaoli or will they blindly trust Monchi… or… will there be a 50/50 choice and cooperation between the two, which seems more likely?

    As much as I can understand from Google translate, Sampaoli states that ideally he’d want 3 players… I can understand the striker and center back, but that Reyes thing got me confused and it isn’t being translated properly.

    1. I think he’s speaking literally. Reyes means kings in Spanish. I’m assuming he’s referring to Castro and Monchi as the kings. Roughly translated, it says that Sampaoli said between laughs that he asked the kings for a CB, a CM (volante is CM in Central America, but I think it means in DM in parts of South America) and a striker.

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  10. Sounds like maybe hes asking for someone like reyes who can play central, an attacking midfielder who can control play and attacks. Could be completely wrong though.

    I think another controlling attacking midfielder would be great, we also need another DM. A striker only if its a decent upgrade on what we have.

  11. The sixteen for the game against Formentera only includes three Atletico players.. lasso, Gonzalez, Carmona.. however unfortunately for me Rico, Nasri, Vitolo and Nzonzi are all as expected being rested.

    Here is the list, Sirigu, Soria, Carmona, Pareja, Rami, kolo, gonzalez, iborra, krane, kiyotake, sarabia, ganso, correa, vietto, lasso, yedder

    Pretty much as expected.. cant wait to tomorrow night.. about to head out for the night tonight.. been enjoyinf plenty of tapas, rioja vino and of course cruzcampo.

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  12. “pedí por Reyes un central, un volante y un delantero”.

    This remark refers to the three kings (Reyes), or wise men if you prefer who brought gifts for the baby jesus

    In Spain it is not santa that brings the kids their Christmas presents on the 24th of December, but the three kings who arrive on the night of the 5th of January.
    It is a custom that kids write a letter to the kings listing their wishes of what they would like to receive.

    Sampaoli is jokingly asking them to bring him these players for Christmas.

  13. Darren
    Make sure you take a walk around the exterior of the stadium, you will be very impressed with the new look especially the homage to Antonio Puerta behind the fondo and the new shield made from thousands of small shiny red squares on the goal south. The new silver cladding is quite a sight.
    Enjoy your stay.

  14. Chris, she loves it! Everything about the city.. and now i can say this is what i tell you! Haha

    Brian, we will definitely do this.. i cant wait to see the new look. We are heading to the stadium today before the game to go to the shop so will walk the stadium too.

    1. I hope you have a great time buddy. Sevilla is really special around the holidays. Seeing an ice skating rink outside in one of the hottest cities in Europe is pretty cool.

    2. Would you recommend any special places to visit and things to do in Seville? I would like to go there too in the next few years, I’ve heard of the famous sights such as the Alcazar of Seville, Metropol Parasol, Plaza de Espana and the RSP (obviously) but was wondering if there are any less well known sights. Some must-try Sevilla cuisine would be very welcome too, thanks.

      There are no direct flights from Sevilla to Hong Kong and I could either choose to stop at Frankfurt or go to Barca/Madrid before going there inland, hope they’ll set up one soon or one of the best cities in Spain will be overlooked again.

      They also erected a statue of Puerta outside the José Ramón Cisneros Palacios Sports Centre, it’s not close to the city but I think it’s worth going as a fan of Sevilla

      1. I’d recommend Los Coloniales for food. As for lesser-known sights, I liked the area over by the old expo – Cartuja I believe. Some really cool leftover buildings.

  15. Cheers Chris. It is stunning this time of year (i have previously been in late September and latr October). We went to the ice skating rink last night. We have been blessed with incredible winter weather, 17-18 degrees and nothing but sun since we have arrived.

    Went for a wander up through Nervion, eat some tapas, went to the club shop (parted with some money haha) and strolled around the stadium earlier today. Saw Formentera outside their hotel. Got to say, the stadium is really taking shape from the exterior not far from completion by the looks. It looks incredible. World class.

    Pshyced up for the game tonight have a glass of Rioja right now. Two more hours till kick off!

  16. Have fun Darren! Check out a bar called La Carboneria in el centro. It’s awesome but it’s not easy to find because it’s just a plain door so you should ask someone. Also, Casa Paco in Plaza de Hercules is one of my favorite tapas places! Vamoooosssssss

  17. 31 shots, 17 on goal. They subbed their keeper. I didn’t see the game, I’m assuming we broke his hands? I would have liked to have seen the game. I’m sure there were some records broken today. Hat tricks by Vietto and Ben Yedder.

  18. Good that the guys gave a show for Darren, and all the other Sevillistas watching it in RSP.

    Not a bad result considering Formentera is a 4th tier team.

    The draw for the next round’s opponent is on Friday. Barca or RM anyone?

  19. The goalkeeper was subbed because of back ache due to bending so much picking up the ball out of the net.

  20. Aaaaaaaand it’s RM for the Copa. This is done on purpose by Perez and co. as they are scared of us ahead of the La Liga match in RSP, so they want to get us tired before that important match.

    We should field our semi-strongest team in the first match, then if the result is favorable, field a similar team in the second leg, if not, invite Sevilla Atletico and make their dreams come true. The mos important match in January is the home match vs. RM that is valid for La Liga.

    We now have the following matches to look forward to from the beginning of 2017:

    vs. RM (Away) 4th of January – CDR

    vs. Sociedad (Away) 7th of January – La Liga

    vs. RM (Home) 11th of January – CDR

    vs. RM (Home) 14th of January – La Liga


  21. ShendM is the 4th confirmed? I heard it could be the 3rd or the 4th? I will be in Madrid on the 4th so im dreaming…

    Ive been meaning to write a review of the Formentera game but between day trips to granada and being busy on foot around sevilla ive had no time.. i will try do it tonight and send in pics.

    Mark sorry mate but we leave tonight to go to Lanzarote.

  22. Wow. Madrid. I agree with shendm. Semi strong team for the first match away. And if it’s within reach we can go for it at the RSP. But the sociedad match to me is the most important. More so than any of the three Madrid matches. Pretty intense way to start the new year though

  23. Tough tie but very exciting too. We get the chance to show what we can do and try end madrids long unbeaten run.

    League is more important than cup though. I agree with you guys we need our strongest line up for soceidad away and RM in league at home.

    We need to rotate our squad in best possible way.

  24. Hopefully the reinforcements won’t take longer than the first week of January to arrive at the club, so that they can adapt with all these potentially high intensity games before it is already too late and we lose track of La Liga.