Sevilla v Malaga

Here’s our last match before the break.  And who did we invite to the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan to come celerate this landmark with us?  Old friend and stabber of backs Juande Brutus Ramos.

His Malaga sit 11th, but in a thick middle part of the pack just four points from European spots.  It also looks like their recent results have been fairly poor, marked by a 1-1 tie at home to Granada, a 0-0 tie with Valencia, and a 0-2 loss to Cordoba in the Copa del Rey.  So hopefully this is a good time to play a shakey team.

It could also be interesting to see how Ramos is welcomed to the stadium.  I guess it is now an open question as to whether the Juande era was truly Sevilla’s greatest since we won a similar amount of hardware under Emery, but it was objectively great.  And it was our first run of continental prominence and therefore in some ways more groundbreaking than what Emery built on top of that foundation.  nd of course, the football that those teams played was like 90 minutes of euphoric wing-blitzing chaos.  We have a lot to be thankful to Juande for.

And yet, ditching the team mis-season, in October, just two months after Antonio Puerta tragically collapsed on the pitch….  How can you respect that?  How is that not the lowest form of abandonment in football history?

Since then, he’s basically failed or had mediocre results everywhere he’s went.  Maybe that deserves some sympathy given the success we have gone on to?  Maybe its time to appreciate his historic contributions?  I think that is mostly where I come down at this point.  But I’ll certainly understand if others feel like he should be booed from now until eternity.

Anyway, I’m guessing we will essentially see our strongest lineup despite the recent Lyon match.  With only a foregone second leg of our Copa tie remaining before break, people will have plenty of time to rest.  Two strikers?  Nasri?  Hopefully we can show some class and not just get three points, but get three points with a little bit of that attacking flare and style we remember from back in those Juande years.