Sevilla v. Malaga: Match Preview/Comments

Back to La Liga.  After obliterating Granada in the second leg of our CdR tie, and watching Valencia embarass themselves and disappear from the Liga race two things happened.  First, our path to the CdR final got a lot easier.  And second, our path to 4th place got a lot harder.

As Niller pointed out, this will probably become most obvious as the season extends onwards and players get increasingly fatigued with two games per week.  I’m hoping that the impressive depth of this team will be enough for us to continue competing on all fronts and maintaining a high level.  But that might be the over-optimist in me speaking.

Regardless, for our battle with Malaga on Sunday, the team should be fresh. There is no excuse for lack of focus or lack of fitness.  And Malaga will not be an easy match.  Although they have stumbled in their most recent matches, it is not an accident that after a poor start to the season Malaga now sit in 7th.  They aspire to European football next season, and at this point in the season, they look likely to get it.

Our squad should be pretty much full aside from the obvious absence of Mbia.  Most team news at the moment is surrounding transfer rumors on both the in (Lucho Gonzalez) and the outgoing (Krychowiak and Bacca) sides.  Lucho seems the most likely at this point, a deal I’m not overly enthusiastic about.  But I put my trust in Monchi and, for now, the real focus should be on getting all three points at home against a rival who has given us considerable problems in the past.

I’ll be traveling during the match but look forward to your comments in order to recreate and relive the game through your eyes.