Sevilla v. Granada – Match Comments

Remember before the Feyenoord match? I was like, “Yay!  Now we can have a game so we can crush this other team and get the bad taste out of our mouths!”  And remember after the game, where we were like, “Wow.  We’re super pissed off that our team is playing like such crap right now and keeps on dropping points, outright losing, or just generally playing with very little dignity.  The taste in my mouth is even worse now.”  Yeah…  Because that’s how I feel right now.  Each game I’m hopeful for something positive, and each one has been feeling a little worse.

I don’t think Granada will be an easy match (certainly not how we’re playing).  But I’m just hoping that something re-clicks.  And we can get back to where we were a month ago, ready to put a bronze Unai statue up in front of the RSP.  As a side note, maybe this is all an indication that we’re riding the highs a little too high and riding the lows a little too low…

Anyway, we do have a match in another hour or so.  Whatever the result, I hope we play with some urgency and pride.