Sevilla v Getafe – Match Comments


Look! It’s a man! It’s a ball! It’s Konoplyanka!

Konoplyanka was the man of the match for us in Manchester. If Emery were here next to me I would have been saying “duh” repeatedly as I pounded out that last sentence. Omygosh you guys he was something to watch! He nearly scored two goals (one post, one great low and away save) and then did score another. Endless danger came from his feet. It was kind of play we’ve needed to see all year having lost a huge source of attacking dynamism in Bacca and Aleix Vidal.

We return to La Liga after that sobering 2-1 loss in Champions League. By most accounts we had the better of the play and a chance to return victorious to Seville, but it was not in the cards (as so many things have not been so far this year). If only La Liga meant a return to calmer, less frustrating competition. We’ve gone from down (Las Palmas) to up (Barcelona) to gathering our pants from off the ground after the CL loss. La Liga offers a different approach. For one, the stakes are a bit lower. There are 32 chances to do good. We also aren’t the underdogs except in a few fixtures, and those few fixtures definitely do not include Getafe at home.

“It’s hard to win games when you’re playing terrible.” This is what my friend sitting next to me says. He has little knowledge of the sport but knows from my brief description (which he has kindly lent his ear to) that Sevilla are not playing the kind of football we have become known for. Maybe the midweek game will spur us on to better things. To be sure I’m just going to dumb this down for us all a little bit so we all understand.

Score points. Don’t let them score points. Get the ball and keep it and put it in that place where it goes without using your hands. Sportsball. Vamos team!