Sevilla v Getafe: Match Com……. zzzzzz

Sorry.  Fell asleep half way through writing the title.

Four more points in our last two matches would guarantee us 5th place and no early season Europa qualifiers.  Then again, winning Europa would do the same.  Let’s just be honest and just say that this game really isn’t that important.  The teams priorities are as follows: 1) no injuries 2) no over-exertion 3) see how the youngsters do 4) maybe pick up a point if convenient?

The squad has a number of youngsters filling it out and it would be great to see all of them.  Will Emerey actually do that?  Well…  now that is another question. I have no idea.

Here is the team that has been named along with projected lineup.  I’d be happy if their projection is correct, but wouldn’t hold my breath since they are pretty consistenty further off than even my own horrible guesses.

Sevilla FC: Javi Varas; Diogo, Fazio, Fernando Navarro, Moi; Iborra, Cotán; Jairo, Marin, Trochowski; y Carlos Fernández.

Suplentes: Beto, Coke, Alberto Moreno, Pareja, Carriço, M’Bia, Rakitic, Reyes y Bacca.

The bigger, much more troubling news is the injuries to Vitolo and Gameiro (ankle sprain).  Both of them are now suddenly considered questionable or even doubtful for the final.  (Or…  is this possibly an Emery mastermind move to confuse Benfica in its preparation?).  Without Gameiro, I’ll be livid if Bacca plays.  Can you imagine how catastrophic it would’ve been had he received a yellow in the last Valencia game and been forced to miss this final?!?  (Or… Emery has been deviously planning all along to start Gameiro and will start Bacca today as a way to confuse his opponents…).

Anyway, I might have the game on in the background but will likely only be able to pay half attention.

Let’s have a nice big comfortable win against a Getafe side that is desperate to stay up in the Primera. It would be a nice sendoff.  But if for some reason we don’t win, or even tie….  Then oh well.