Sevilla v Fiorentina: Match Comments

Had we gained even a single point against Madrid midweek, we would have had the inside track for fourth in La Liga, and we’d still be discussing where the team’s number one priority is (or maybe I would be at least…).  But following on the 8 minute broken nose debacle, this team has only a single goal.  We. Must. Win. Europa.

Three matches left.  And the first one is starting in just two hours.  Let’s obliterate Fiorentina in the RSP and show the world why our stadium has been a fortress for the last 35 matches.  A new streak must start today and I’m looking for a result big enough to make the away match comfortable.

Sounds like Emery basically has his full set of players available, aside from Pareja and Beto.  But we should come out angry, focused, motivated, and firing.