Sevilla v Elche: Festivities and an Air of Melancholy

What little symbolic value this match may have had coming into this morning, is now gone with Real Sociedad’s defeat at the hands of Villareal.  We are certain to end the season in 5th place (a position which already had no added value above 6th given that we won Europa and therefore already ensured our direct passage to the group stage).  So the only open question is whether we finish the season with 60, 61, or 63 points.  And whether some of the youngsters get a chance to prance around the RSP.  And whether some of our heroes take the field after the match and tip their hand, revealing a likely summer departure.

Although there will certainly be an exuberant celebration of our returning conquest from Turin, there will likely be an air of uncertainty and melancholy as well.  Is this the last time we see Marin wearing our crest?  How about Bacca?  Mbia?  Fazio?  It almost hurts too much to ponder, but is this the last hurrah for Rakitic?

Transfer season is nearly upon us.  Its not my favorite though what it lacks in footy action it can often make up for in drama.  I’m not sure I’ll get to tune into this game, but for those who do.  I have no doubt it will be a fun opportunity to applaud and savor this fantastic team one last time.

Here’s my weekly plagiarization:

Sevilla FC: Javi Varas; Diogo, Fazio, Israel Puerto, Moisés; Iborra, Trochowski; Jairo, Cotán, Reyes; Carlos Fernández.

Suplentes: Beto; Coke, Mode, Alberto Moreno, Vitolo, Rakitic, Gonzalo.


PS.  Has anyone else had Himno de Sevilla stuck in their head all week?