Sevilla v. Eibar – Match Comments

Figure I’ll get this up now.  California time means I may or may not get up in time for the 8am pacific time kickoff (a likelihood that will be directly influenced by the number of drinks I have tonight).

Well, its the last game of 2014.  And we have a lot of reason to be proud.  Apparently, in the 2014 calendar year we’ve been the 4th best team in La Liga.  Following on the heels of the usual suspects.  Of course, the calendar year standings don’t really mean jack.  What will matter is the standings at the end of May.

Regardless, sure would love to see this team finish the year strong.  We set 4th as our goal by the new year, and we’ve already clinched that.  But given Valencia’s thrashing of Rayo, I’d rather take all 3 from Eibar and restore the four point cushion.  Further, Malaga keeps on getting good results and is breathing down our necks.

Krycho made the list of 22 but its unclear if he is 100%.  Carrico is out on red card suspension.  Tremoulinas still hurt.  As always, no clue what the lineup will be.  Given that we just played on Thursday we could conceivable get some rotation, but given we’re about to have a few weeks off, maybe not.

I’m a firm believer that Eibar is going to put up a serious fight and I expect this match to be just as ugly as our last few.  Eibar obliterated Almeria in their last match, 5-2.  Although we’ve been great at home so far this season, Eibar has been more than respectable away with three wins, three losses, and a tie.  I don’t think they’re going to be anything less than focused and motivated coming into our house.  As a side note, any other week and I’m pulling for these guys, upsetting the Liga powers that be, punching far above their weight with hard nosed team football, and putting on a clinic of rational financial management.

But for anyone who is hoping for beautiful football tomorrow: expect to be disappointed.  For me, I’m happy to set the aesthetics aside and just settle for bidding farewell to this wonderful 2014 with one last win.