Sevilla v Cadiz – Copa del Rey 2nd leg – Match Comments

After Saturday’s horror 2nd half in the derbi, this game couldn’t have come soon enough for Montella and his players. An opportunity to adopt his tactics and find a system that suits us, and hopefully gain some much needed confidence going into Sunday’s tricky away mach to Alaves.

With the close proximity of that trip to the North of Spain, it will be interesting to see who he chooses to play or rest tonight. With other La Liga clubs playing Tuesday and Wednesday in the cup, we don’t have the same luxury to play a full strength side.

With this in mind, I expect starts for guys like Carole, Mercado, Geis, Pizarro, with Muriel leading the line. It really is the time for him especially to step up and show us all that he is a serious contender to Ben Yedder. Correa is another player who has it all to play for and has been a disappointment after showing so much early promise.

Not surprisingly no squad place for our latest signing Guilherme Arana who only just arrived yesterday from Brazil and has probably still not unpacked his suitcase… and speaking of Brazil, the enigma who is PH Ganso is out again, not even in the squad. I wonder what this transfer window holds for him? According to Marca, and as we all expected, he is not in Montella’s plans. Beskitas and some Brazilian clubs are reportedly interested in his services. The only sticking point is he is under contract with us until 2021! Whatever happens I wish him all the best. It just didn’t work out for him here, and he has the potential to be a star player somewhere else.

So, after last weeks’ 2-0 victory on the south coast, a routine passage to the quarter finals of the Copa should be on the cards, but as we all know, routine is rarely what Sevilla do.

Having said that, I am going for a 4-2 victory to Sevilla on the night with the following team:


Corchia Mercado Kjaer Lenglet Carole

Sarabia Pizarro Geis Correa


What are your team and score predictions? Looking forward to reading them below

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  1. According to goles messenger the side is
    Corchia Lenglet Mercado Carole
    Nzonzi Geis
    Sarabia Been-Yedder Correa

    I don’t trust Orgullo de Nervion on lineup’s either, I’ll wait to see who turns up.

    I don’t feel nervous about this game, probably it’s that I don’t care. But If the worse comes to the worse (like 1-3) it’s OK because it shows the trainer has serious problems to fix and he’ll get on with that.

    Good to see Correa playing, hope he’s on form. Hope we’re defensive and patient.

  2. ShendM says:

    This team has definitely lacked patience this season.

  3. Yes, obviously I’d like to score in the first minute and go on to a a goal frenzy but I also want to see a controlled performance.

  4. Five big fat defensive errors by Sevilla in 25 minutes, despite being on top, doesn’t look good for a clean sheet.

  5. I don’t think we have converted but one 1v1 situation this whole year. We are terrible at finishing 1v1 with the keeper.

  6. Geis has been poor with passes in his own half and really good with passes in our half. Convert to CAM? haha

  7. Ben Yedder has been the best player, connecting play perfectly in attack where it’s more difficult. If he’s replaced by Muriel in the second half it could spoil the game.

  8. 2-0 Correa minute 52. Our corners look average but we score quite a few from corners.

  9. Mudo whistled on by the fans. :frowning:

  10. Third calamatous error by Rico results in goal for Cadiz, the defence did help the goal along but it was easily preventable by a goalkeeper.

  11. ShendM says:

    Rico… does he even participate in positional training?

  12. ShendM says:

    Good. Muriel was whistled too. It is a good reaction from the fans, showing that they are fed up with their nonchalance. There are rumors that Mudo could be swapped with Joao Mario of Inter soon.

  13. And Nzonzi whistled off, despite being best player overall.

  14. ShendM says:

    N’Zonzi should apologize for the caused drama first, just like Parejo of Valencia. I think the booing was mostly for that. He was solid, but also made some passing errors, 1-2 of which could’ve costed us a goal.

  15. The team just seems disinterested. They don’t celebrate together. Seems weird.

  16. Brian says:

    This has just been shown on the tv here in Spain. Click to “watch on youtube” & have a look at between 8mins 30 secs & 8mins 40 secs.
    Correa scores and puts his palms together asking forgiveness from the fans for the derbi loss, and then the camera switches to the reaction from Muriel. It’s been picked up on the main Sevilla fans forum and he can expect more than a few whistles the next home game.

  17. Maybe he thought he was praying for donuts?

  18. job done I suppose, but the natives are certainly restless… and I am pleased about that. We won’t settle for anything other than 100% commitment and hard work

  19. ShendM says:


  20. ShendM says:

    The pairs drawn:

    Leganes - RM

    Espanyol - Barca

    Valencia - Alaves

    Atletico - Sevilla

    2 more opportunities to boo the hell out of Vitolo the traitor.

  21. Now doesn’t that draw look suspicious?

  22. If that is true then he’s finished.

    But, It’s been edited into the video, the clock shows 64 minutes and the goal was scored in minute 57.

    I’ve got the live recording and with the clock at 64 minutes there were no images of the bench, also, none of the players look like we’ve just scored. Navas is on the phone or doodling with his ipad, everyone looks downbeat. It could be mischief from the FUT.

  23. interesting observations there Tim, thanks for that

    Date confirmed for Atletico Madrid first leg away - Wednesday January 17th! Busy weeks ahead, at least we can’t complain about lack of match practice for Montella

  24. Villarreal have surpassed Sevilla leaving us in 6th place after beating Real Madrid 0-1.

    It was a good, entertaining game to watch, Madrid had most of the possession leaving only counter attacks for Villarreal. Normal you might think, but there was more to the game than you imagine. The Villarreal goalkeeper Asenjo made four good saves, I mean it’s real not fair play, Sevilla wouldn’t do that.

  25. Brian says:

    Asenjo was outstanding today. I really enjoyed the game even though they go above us for now. It was a great chip by Pablo Fornal for the goal, I just love watching R Madrid get beaten by anyone.

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