Sevilla v Bilbao – Match Comments

I’ve long since stopped guessing at which team will show up for our beloved, if not mighty, Sevilla.  So I won’t bother.  But it will be a pretty important match against a direct rival for European positions, whether those are ultimately of the Europa or Champions variety.  Bilbao are always a tough team and Emery has called this match “a little final”.

Team selection is interesting, as always, with Rami and Immobile left out of the squad (was Rami hurt?).  And of course this is Llorente’s first home coming since he left Bilbao.  I’m sure it will be an emotional day for him.

Since this is going up late, we already have a lineup:


Has Kono fallen out of favor?  Or maybe its just that MKD is in favor.  Unfortunate to see Vitolo on the right but so it goes.  And Cristoforo has clearly gone from Mr. Forgotten to Mr. Indispensable in the span of a single week.  Amazing.  And who is that camped out between Coke and Kolo?  Wow, good to see that guy back in the lineup.

Alright guys.  Let’s get serious today and VAMOS!