Sevilla v Betis

Derby day!!

For whatever reason (or for the reason I will now explain), I’m not as pumped for this derby as for ones past. Something about an out of form team, an injured and thinning midfield, and strikers with too few goals to their names don’t inspire my undying allegiance as we face up to Betis today.

Betis is in much better position at the moment in the table, and they seem to have a pretty healthy mentality, riding that underdog mindset of still-recent promotion that once fueled us to European glory. The same can’t be said of Sevilla, who continue to flounder after what was the turning point of this first half of he season: since Medel got that red and missed two matches, we haven’t been the same. Then, following Trocho’s injury, we’ve been treading water in a sea of offensive impotence.

I suppose the bright side is that the team will have to be motivated with Betis coming into the RSP. So a good result could go a long way to boosting morale and focus as we draw near to the winter break.

What say you?