Sevilla v Barcelona: Nothing to Lose

I’m playing the Himno del Centenario on repeat as I write this very brief preview.

Barcelona has found its mojo.  They are again playing convincingly like the best team on the planet.  Messi has refound his “god-mode”.  Suarez is scoring consistently.  Pique is at top form.  This team is horrifying.

But our proud outfit of Andalucian warriors is in a not so horrible run of form as well.  Emery has a full squad to choose from.  Lord only knows what that formation will look like.

We literally have nothing to lose in this match.  If we do lose, then Valencia have to travel to Barcelona next week and likely we will be right back where we started (one point off fourth).  But if we WIN!!  DARE WE DREAM!?!?  It would put us effectively in the lead for the race to fourth.  Even a tie would be an immense boost to our chances of at top 4 finish.

Oh, and of course there’s the small matter of the return of one of our hometown heroes, the man called “Sevillano” by his current teammates.  Always wishing him the best, but hoping he misses the target today.