Sevilla – Sociedad Match Preview

It’s sort of hard to know what to make of Sevilla’s position in the table right now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited that we’re (kind of, sort of) in European places, and I hope we can stay. But while Málaga seems pretty likely to remain disqualified from European play this season, somehow it’s hard to feel like we’re really that close. Probably that has something to do with our final three games: today vs Real Sociedad (tied for 4th place on 59 points), the following week away at [who care because we never win away games], and then wrapping up the season with Valencia, the other team tied for the last Champions League spot with 59 points. So…yeah. It’s going to be a very tough road just to keep 8th place, let alone move up to 7th place where we wouldn’t have to await a court’s decision in June to know if we’d play or not.

Fortunately for us, Getafe (currently tied with Sevilla on points) hosts Valencia today, and will host Rayo (still with a hope of playing in Europe), so there’s a decent chance that a win today would buy Sevilla a bit of space in that last European spot. Which, again, we’re going to need since we don’t really have an easy match from here on out.

Missing today will be Fazio who was injured last week, but Reyes (also injured in that game) will be back. Perotti, who was subbed off in what I was guessing was going to be another 6 month injury last week, is back among the active players and is expected to start. In addition we’ll have both Kondo and Medel, so our midfield we’ll be as stable as we can hope.

I think we’ve said this before about La Real, but I really do hope they do well, and I’d be very happy to see them make Champions next year. It’s just…I don’t wish them any success on this particular day. VAMOOOOOOOOOOOO