Sevilla – Real Zaragoza Copa del Rey Match Comments

So, the results are in, and it looks like we did alright on our poll: Michel was, in fact, fired in the first 5 games before Christmas. Congratulations to those of you who were correct, your prize will be in the mail shortly.

That means that today’s match isn’t just the next step at Sevilla’s last shot at glory this year, it’s also the Sevilla coaching debut of Unai Emery, a guy who got consistently great results at Valencia before being dumped because always getting third place gets boring after awhile, even if that’s just about the best you can hope for.

So Sevilla is off to Zaragoza for the first leg of the quarterfinals in the Copa del Rey. We’ve definitely landed in the easiest matchup of the four at this point, so this is more “don’t screw this up, Unai” than “Emery’s dash for glory”. A win so deep in this tournament would be a great start to his career as a rojiblanco, and a loss would probably make for a lot of nervous shifting around in seats for everyone else.

So win, new guy.