Sevilla – Real Sociedad Match Preview

When La Liga’s schedule was released this summer, I looked at our lineup and thought we had a pretty rough start, but also a few easy spots in there:

At Betis, home to Malaga, at Villarreal, home to Sociedad, at Osasuna, home to Valencia, at Atleti.

“Phew, at least we get a breather when we host La Real!”, I foolishly thought to myself. Of course, I had no idea we’d be tied on the table when we played. Or that we’d be tied in European places. Obviously, Sociedad has had a pretty good start to the season, following their respectable opening week win over Sporting with that surprise draw against Barcelona. Suddenly this game looks pretty tricky, especially after Sevilla spent most of last week’s game losing a 1-goal lead against 10 men. Suddenly nothing seems certain at all. Suddenly I’m a bit nervous about this game.

There is good news, though: Kanoute has recovered from what I assume will be his weekly injury (this time it was a strained groin muscle) and will be available, and Spahic is in the list of 18 after missing last week due to international duties. So hopefully we’ll be able to avoid the disaster that was SQD-Caceres-Alexis-Navarro back line. (My vote: Coke-SQD-Spahic-Navarro. Pls, Marcelino? KTHXBAI). While I’m making guesses about the starting lineup, I’ll also say that I expect Kanoute and Negredo to start together from the beginning. And also Navas and Perotti will improve over last week’s (no-)showing. Also: VARAS! Rakitic. Medel. Goals. Suddenly I’m feeling better about things.

3-1 victory for us.