Sevilla – Real Madrid Match Comments

Every time a clásico comes around, someone asks me who I want to win, and I invariably say “que pierdan los dos”, because it’s enough already with these two. If you’d asked me last weekend, though, I might have picked a Real Madrid win–after all, hell hath no fury like a Cristiano (who imagines that he has been) scorned. And now that fury is coming to the RSP riled up, carrying its imaginary persecution complex, and perhaps more unfortunately, feeling its back a bit to the wall after just a few days ago feeling like the league was in its back pocket. Now they have something to prove and they need the points. On the plus side, Mr. Ramos earned his 10,000th red on the weekend and won’t see the field on Wednesday, and one of the Pavones got his 5th yellow and will also miss the game. And then there’s the possibility that the team is somehow hungover from the loss, but to be honest these are professionals who I’m sure will come to play and dominate on gameday.

Meanwhile, of course, Sevilla is on five straight Liga wins (a record), and has moved up from 7th to 5th thanks to favorable results for Villarreal and Real Sociedad. More importantly, perhaps, this run of results allows the team to continue to dream of a CL spots, still 8 points away from Bilbao, but also still 8 points away from Bilbao! Results aside, the team has been playing some really sparkly stuff with the ball–it genuinely feels like they could trouble Madrid’s back line. The defense…well, that continues to be a troubling weakness, but Sevilla’s playing well enough that a win is far from unthinkable.

Obviously at this late point in the season, every point gained counts and every point lost hurts. But this one’s going to be tricky…I’ll be happy with a point and thrilled with more. What say you?