Sevilla – Rayo Match Comments

After the big mid-week match away at Atleti, on Sunday Sevilla hosts Rayo Vallecano for the second of three consecutive Madrid matches. Given the magnitude of the first (a Copa semifinal against increasingly irritating foe) and the profile of the third (you may have heard of the small concern they’re running out of the Bernabeu, where Sevilla visits next week), it’d be easy to overlook this home match with little old Rayo. But that would be a mistake! Behold:

Screen Shot 2013-02-02 at 8.00.58 AM

The first thing you might notice upon looking at this table, since you’re a Sevilla fan, is our dear club, 8 points from Europe but also in a 3-way tie for 11th. You might have then noted that the club currently occupying that last European spot (you know, unless we make the final of the Copa etc, etc) is none other than…Rayo. You might have been surprised to see them so high on the table, and that might have made you wonder about how they’ve been doing this year—you might have started trying to think of any big or surprising results you can remember them grabbing. And THAT probably got you thinking about this early-season doozy, when Rayo went down to 10 men, and Sevilla missed TWO penalties, and ended the game in a 0–0 draw. And THEN you consider that Sevilla has recently had a pretty good thing going (to the tune of 7–0 cumulative the last couple matches) and either just had a small victory (away goal!) or a painful loss and it’d probably be good for team morale as well all of the above to make that trajectory more the former than the latter. We should just go ahead and win this one, guys.

So, yeah. Let’s hope the team’s not thinking about overlooking this match. And let’s meet here on Sunday to celebrate or commiserate as the result dictates!!!