Sevilla – Rayo Match Comments

Hoooo boy. So. This is happening. That table is a thing that is real. We are dead last in La Liga, winless in five games, with the second-worst goal differential in the league (although to be fair, Granada has a game in hand–we may catch them yet!). Bringing in a bunch of promising attacking talent has yielded a 0.4 goals/game average.

Guh. This team is really putting the “rage” in “average” for me. The “err” in “terrible”. The “F U” in “awful”.

Ok. I’ll stop.

Here’s the deal. We’re in crisis. Definitely. The word “crisis” gets thrown around a lot (“Messi has only scored 14 goals in the past 4 games–is the Argentine in crisis?!?” is a headline I’d read in Marca without batting an eye), but that’s only because it’s a squishy term. And it’s squishy because it’s so relative. In Sevilla’s case, it’s applicable because the club’s reality is so starkly contrasted with our lofty expectations from like 5 weeks ago. We’re in last place! And yet I absolutely believe that Unai has the capability (and proooobably the requisite amount of time/leash) to turn Sevilla into the team Monchi et al were dreaming of when they signed the players they signed. And of course they’ll start moving up the table eventually. Five matches into the season isn’t too late for almost anything.

Except…it kind of is? There are 33 games to go–99 points!–and yet the last couple seasons of just needing a few more points to make the Champions League make it impossible for me to think we won’t look back and sorely regret not having gotten, like, half of the points we haven’t managed this early season. I’m trying not to hit the panic button over here, but I’m feeling…very concerned.

On the other hand, Sevilla qualified for a title-winning Europa League campaign by finishing 9th on 50 points a few short years ago. Maybe this is all the product of some intensely Machiavellian strings-pulling-from-a-jail-cell from Del Nido. You’d only have to get 14 teams excluded from European competition to make the CL qualifiers from 18th place–that can’t be that hard to prove!

Speaking of being excluded from Europe, remember which 8th place team we leapfrogged to qualify for the Europa? That’s right: this weekend’s opponent, Rayo. Gosh, them visiting the RSP with an axe to grind while Sevilla is in the worst form of recent memory could be awkward…but they probably don’t remember any of that, right?

Better vamos just in case.