Sevilla – Rayo Match Comments

Are you all loving this season yet? As if historic points totals (63 points in 32 games!), unprecendented home undefeated streak (14 months and counting!), and defending a continental title all the way to the semis (also and counting!) wasn’t enough, the team has done all of this in often mind-bogglingly thrilling fashion. At this point late goals and comebacks against long odds feel more or less like the norm. Enjoy this, Sevilla fans: regardless of what May brings us, this season has had the kind of joy some fans go decades without.

Having said that, though (ahem), there are a few things the team is very much fighting for at season’s end, and even if winning some of those things is icing on a very delicious cake we’re already blessed to enjoy…well, I want those things, too. A couple of those, including a Champion’s League spot and that aforementioned home unbeaten streak, are in play this weekend as Sevilla hosts Rayo Vallecano. With six matches left in the season, Rayo is stranded in the meaningless middle of the table, 12 points short of the last Europa spot, and 16 clear of relegation. Perhaps therefore not a lot to play for, although if I were a Rayo fan, breaking a 14 month-long unbeaten streak, or at least stealing a couple points from home, would be a nice start to karmic revenge against a team that won the Europa League with the spot my team qualified for (I’m sure I’d say) fair and square. So there’s that.

And anyway, you could stack up a long list of reasons why Sevilla should win this game, and that list would just make me nervous about a letdown. The team is certainly ripe: there was the dramatic but draining Europa game, the precedent that just last week we played flat and drew a match we should’ve won after a big Europa leage comeback, there’s the seemingly unmotivated and less talented opponent, the loss of a key defender that will suddenly seem even more significant than we realized the first time a skilled dribbler slices through our center backs…good Lord I hope Emery is doing everything he can to mentally prepare the squad to overcome a hangover against a very capable foe. Because I can sort of feel another frustrating 90 mintues coming on.

But what am I saying? This is Emery we’re talking about. This is Sevilla: it’s Bacca, Gameiro, and Vitolo. It’s Banega and M’Bia. It’s Bet–…um, it’s Rico? Let’s hope it’s Rico. Fucking Beto–what the hell was that?!? …Wait where was I? Oh that’s right I was building to the crescendo:

We got this. We need this. Let’s go get this!!! VAMOOOOOOO