Sevilla – Racing Santander Match Preview and Comments

Behold the glory of the mid-week match! Yesterday gave us a thrilling penalty shootout in the German Cup, a come-from-behind barn burner from two teams at the top of the EPL table, a great showing between the two teams that I always imagine English speakers think is one entity when they say “Athletico”, and…a classic bitch-fest from Real Madrid as they dropped another 2 points from their once-unassailable lead atop the Liga table. Even more impressive than the rapidity of RM’s seamless shift from “winning this game” to “Abandon ship! ABANDON SHIP!!!”, though, is of course the rhetorical agility of Barcelona fans who in a matter of minutes successfully transitioned from “we don’t really care about the league that much anyway, we just want the Champions” and “THESE REFS ARE RIPPING US OFF AND DESTROYING THE GAME NO FAIR NO FAIR NO FAIR!!!” to “winning this league is huge for us, haha RM!” and “look how classless and pathetic RM is, complaining about the refs”. They’re more mercurial and shifty with words/values/arguments than Messi with the ball, which is saying something. As usual it’s hard to say which entity is more insufferable (RM or Barca fans, I mean, not Barca fans or Messi. I, like every rational human being in the world, can’t think of a single reason to dislike Messi, or do anything other than just enjoy every second we’re able to see him play).

But this is a Sevilla blog, so instead of whiny winners whining about not winning enough, it is my duty to tell you about our motley crew of–I won’t say losers, exactly…let’s call them “non-winners”–our motley crew of non-winners not winning very often (or at all for three straight games now). Sigh. Today we visit relegation-threatened Racing Santander, the team we’re always thinking we should beat and then losing to anyway. Maybe if our match previews against this team focused more on the reasons we should lose, we’ll get a different result? Let’s see here…

  • Since the 08/09 season, our record against this formidable foe is 1W, 3D, 3L.
  • As we approach the business end of the season Racing is pretty thoroughly mired in a relegation battle, two points from the bottom of the table and four points from the sweet safety of 17th place. Sevilla, meanwhile, are looking more and more likely to end the season in the no-man’s land between Europe and Segunda, currently in 14th place and about as far from Europa (7 points) as they are from relegation (9). I guess some measure of “success” is still possible this season, but this team doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence or inspirational thoughts, so it seems like they’ll go where gravity takes them this year. So if anyone has the motivation edge today, it’s probably Racing.
  • If you don’t count Baba’s goal against Atleti (which, why would you, he never plays), it’s been two months and nine matches since one of our forwards scored.
  • On that note, it’s probably bad news that Negredo and Kanoute are both healthy and eligible to play today. (OK, this is getting pretty unnecessarily gloomy, sorry).
  • And finally, Spahic, a pretty good defensive presence in the back, is missing the match.

So there you have it–we’re definitely going to lose today. So that means we’ll win! Go Sevilla!!! (I’m not sure how this works, but hopefully I didn’t just doom us to certain failure.) Anyway, I’ll be around for the first 30 minutes or so of this one; if you’re around let’s commentcheer our heroes to victory!!!