Sevilla – Racing Santander Match Comments

Remember last year when Racing beat us 3-1 right in the middle (maybe the nadir?) of the time our season was unravelling? Remember Canales scoring two goals that got everyone all revved up about how great he was going to be? Remember that we lost the OTHER game we played them last year? Remember all the points we dropped to teams we should have beaten handily last season?


Fabiano wasn’t going to be in the team today even though he was healthy, which was going to be a pretty big deal, but then Kanoute was ruled out of the game because he isn’t healthy, so Fabiano IS in the list. I suppose that means we’ll start with just Negredo up top (although obviously I have no idea, and any of 5 different formations featuring any of of 20 different players wouldn’t strike me as impossible).

Winning today would give us our best start in almost 40 years, AND put us on top of the table. So as I say…let’s do this.