Sevilla – R. Sociedad Thoughts

Fredi Kanouté recovered from his weekly injury in time to join the starting lineup. His 53rd minute goal made the difference today for a pretty actively offensive Sevilla in a 1-0 victory at home against Real Sociedad.

Applying the transitive property to recent results (tie at Villarreal, win vs. RSO), Sevilla is both worse and better than Barcelona. Sevillistas should be encouraged that (1) we sleep in 3rd place tonight, and (2) we seemed to dominate the match up to our potential by controlling the ball and working it around to find space and opportunities to exploit. Kanouté was his usual silky-gliding self, pushing the ball into space for Navas or Negredo to move up. Negredo was active as always, with only a couple of heavy touches keeping him off the scoreboard. Coke is looking like a solid, competent defensive ying to Cáceres’s more aggressive yang. Medel put out his regular share of fires and counters.

I think not having a player who stands head and shoulders above the rest is a bit of Marcelino’s coaching philosophy shining through: defend and attack with eleven. The back line was cohesive enough, and the transition to attack looked mostly fluid.

We visit an Osasuna side next week that suffered the worst loss of any La Liga team this season: an 0-8 bore in the Camp Nou. Every other match ended 1-0 today. Cool scoreline, bro.

Nice three points, Sevilla.