Sevilla – PSG Match Summary/Epilogue

Here’s the deal: we sucked. We were ok for most of the game, dominating possession but unlike against Depor, without much bite or danger up front. And then we got scored on and we sucked harder. Luis Fabiano showed us that he hasn’t seen the field much lately because he, also, sucks. Our new CBs were not great, and Caceres in particular sucked pretty regularly throughout the game, and then sucked more on the play in which PSG scored. It was a bad showing for us. After the game Del Nido said the best part of the game was the crowd, which is really saying something if you noticed how empty the stadium was, or how much whistling there was in the lsat 15 minutes. But he was probably right.

But as always with Sevilla, there’s some less awful news. For one thing, it was just one game, and it’s not like we’re out of the tournament (however if you argued that more than half the team doesn’t want to be there, I’d have a hard time arguing with you). And in other also possibly positive news, maybe we didn’t lose the game at all?

Apparently PSG’s goalie is accused of having “false documents”, which would mean that the game would be forfeited to us, and we’d get the three points. That’d be insanely ironic, because PSG would have done just as well with no ‘keeper back there. (OK, OK, I’ll stop. I’m just feeling a little down right now). There’s nothing on the official site yet about this, but let’s all keep each other posted if anything develops.

In other (TERRIBLE) news, Navas is out 10-15 days. Mike, maybe now we’ll get to see a different winger on the right, just like you were hoping for. And in ALSO terrible news, just as the team finds itself needing goals and new ideas, Theo hasn’t been around much lately–what will Alvarez do without his tactics man?! Theo, COME BACK!!!