Sevilla @ Osasuna: Match Comments

Off to visit Osasuna today, who currently sit bottom of the table. Osasuna is easily the least remarkable club in La Liga. It seems like they get promoted or relegated every other year, but I couldn’t tell you any good player who came through their system. I couldn’t even tell you what color their jerseys are. A quick check at their roster only shows three names that I recognize: Oriol Riera, Fran Merida and Emmanuel Rivieire (who is only remarkable for being the most hopeless striker to ever grace the English Premier League).

That said, it’s still a road game and we managed to lose to Granada so we can’t be getting cocky. We’ll be missing both of our primary attacking creators, with Nasri and Vitolo out. Ganso is also out hurt somehow even though he hasn’t played in what feels like weeks. Correa is healthy enough to make the squad and Kiyotake is included (PLEASE GIVE HIM SOME MINUTES). Soria is the second keeper over Sirigu, who is running away with the most useless signing of the season award, despite a strong field of contenders.

Does anybody know what’s going on with Tremoulinas? He’s been back training for well over a month now. I don’t know if he’s fully fit but the whole situation is really weird. There were some rumors linking him with a move to Benfica last week. Oh, and I saw Gael Kakuta signed with Depor. Remember him?

Here’s the full squad list:

Rico, Soria, Mariano, Mercado, Rami, Nico, Lenglet, Escudero, Iborra, Kranevitter, Nzonzi, Kiyotake, Mudo, Sarabia, Correa, Jojo (is this what we’re calling him?), Ben Yedder and Vietto

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  1. Glad they can’t sign anyone until summer due to FIFA ban or they would go crazy this last week of this window…. crisis at RM, 3 losses in a row… a new record?

    1. i made the same mistake. but they are 4 consecutive games winless… tie and loss to us and a tie and loss to vigo. kudos all around!

  2. The highlight for me in the Celta v Madrid game tonight was seeing the keeper make a great save from a Ronaldo header by tipping the ball against the crossbar, only for it to rebound straight back to the ladyboys left foot……………. The keeper was on the floor, the goal was at his mercy, Ronaldo shot and………………………………..

    Hit the post from 2 yards out.


    I’m not getting too carried away with Madrids lean spell though. You have to remember that they are missing almost half their regular team due to injuries, but we can sure enjoy it while it lasts.

    1. yeah, but the injuries matter if they are missing la liga matches. probably doesnt matter for CL when they’ll be back for later rounds, but dropped points are dropped points no matter when they happen in the season.

  3. Didn’t know about the Perez rumors, haven’t been really impressed by him and seeing Valencia pay 25M for his services shows he’s overpriced. The only 4 players I would take from Valencia is Parejo (obviously), Garay and Abdennour though their horrible defence shows they might be overrated and bakkali who I was almost sure was going to join us.

    Also good call on the Argentine NT, I looked up the squad and there really is a dearth of real talent there, Biglia is actually turning 31 at the end of this month so might not be worth the investment, also saw that lautaro acosta got a call-up to the squad though he didn’t play, I guess that’s all you need to know about their situation, eh?

    Marca have an article on “The real story behind Sergio Ramo’s exit from Sevilla”, really short read though and it brings Del Nido into the mix.

  4. Post
    1. Yeah… just read that… poor MKD. He was a solid player on a good night for him, but not sure if he would have many minutes in this season’s squad. His contract expires in June, but had he been healthy and ready to play, perhaps he could’ve covered for someone, considering that he is a hard worker and runs a lot in the pitch, something that is required in Sampaoli’s strategy.

      Animo MKD and best of luck in the future!

  5. Regarding the recent rumors that are circulating, it seems that Sampaoli’s “mini-Argentina” is about to come true, starting from the summer.

    Walter Montoya, Leonel Vangioni, Giovanni Simeone…. just some of the players that are heavily linked with a summer transfer for our side. Moreover, we have reportedly made an official offer to Rosario Central for their midfielder Walter Montoya, who after signing with us, will stay on a loan to Rosario till June, when he will join Sevilla. Rosario’s board will gather tomorrow to discuss the offer and decide whether to accept it or not.

    Giovanni Simeone is very young and lacks experience… but something tells me that Sampaoli either has a lot of respect for Cholo, or they are related (family), as he is trying to make his son shine… in Sevilla! Clearly Giovanni would be the third choice attacker, and as things stand, Jovetic will be signed (using the purchase option – 14 million euros) and Vietto will be sent back to Atletico, along with Kranevitter of course.

    Anyway, Vangioni will also join Sevilla after lacking playing time in Milan…. and he’s a decent LB though, while I thought he’d join in January (we don’t have a LB cover except Mercado, who is not a LB at all).

    Let’s see what happens till then… but for now, the priority is signing Parejo, and with him, things will be a bit calmer in the midfield part where we have coverage issues.

  6. Interesting about Montoya signing… The little-Argentina trend continues. Hopefully it also signals that Sampaoli is here for the long-run and not going to ditch us after a single season.

    1. Hmm… let’s hope it’s not just temporary planning. Emery also signed Kiyotake and Sarabia for his “project” but then left to PSG.

      Barca is crazy about Sampaoli and so is Argentina NT. If he is a true professional though, he should at least respect that current contract that he has, which mans staying here until summer 2018.