Sevilla – Mallorca

Eldesmarque said it best over the weekend: this has been the perfect week for Sevilla…if we win. Every single team around us, with the notable exception of Atlético, dropped points. That means we could jump Espanyol and be a point out of Europe with a win. It means those right behind us (Getafe, Rayo, Athletic) did not jump us this time, so we are set up to make it count with a win today.

Caparrós has done his share of flirting with management in the lead up to the match, saying such things as “any coach would be crazy about going to Sevilla”. I wonder if he’s asked any of the last four managers what they think. Maybe with a couple different words in there, say, “to go”, we might be a little closer to the current state of affairs at the club. Of course, this is all reversible with some positive results and confident players.

Now, on to the reasons we will lose this match: We’re not fast enough. We’re not strong enough. We’re not Navarro enough (he’s out with too many yellows). We’re not Perotti enough. Etc.

Vamoooooooooooooos (a perdeeeeeeeerrr)!!!