Sevilla – Mallorca Match Preview: Choose Your Storyline

Pretty big game tomorrow! Lots of drama and subtext and things on the line! Which storyline do you like best?

1. With the Villarreal/Valencia draw Saturday, Sevilla can move to 4th place (and within 1 point of 3rd) with a win at home Sunday. This is especially important because we play the 3rd (Villarreal) and 2nd (RM) place teams in our very tricky 3 week stretch next month.

2. You may recall we sort of handed Mallorca their cruelest defeat of the season last year without even playing them. Highlights? You’re damn right I’m going to pull out highlights:

Seriously, if you can watch that or re-read through this without getting goosebumps please dial 911 because you’re dead. Sure, as it turned out they didn’t get to play in Europe at all because they were bankrupt (I believe the phrase is “fair tv contracts now”?), but gosh, look at their players and staff just crumble after we score. Unimaginably brutal.

3. Speaking of their staff, you might recognize a certain Gregorio Manzano pacing the field in that clip. Yeah, he’s their former coach and they have some kind of beef about monies due between them that I don’t really understand or care to read too much about. Suffice it to say, they didn’t get together to sip sherry and reminisce over the offseason. (Although for what it’s worth, the folks at Mallorca’s Offside don’t carry any bad blood.)

4. Injuries: Palop is back for this game! Everyone else (including Capel) is still injured, though. The roster tomorrow, thanks as always to el desmarque: Palop, M. Cáceres, Romaric, Zokora, Perotti, Luis Fabiano, Renato, Kanouté, Javi Varas, Escudé, Alfaro, Negredo, Cigarini, Dabo, Acosta, Alexis, Konko, Luna y Rodri.