Sevilla – Malaga Match Comments

6th place: Espanyol, 37 pts.

7th, 8th, 9th place: Atleti, Sevilla, Getafe; 30 pts.


That’s a pretty big gap. The good news is we’re the only team on that list with a game in hand, so we’ve got a chance to be the team leaving the back pack behind. Either that, or we’re going to start to watch that top 6 just…drift…away.


But that’s not going to happen. We played these guys at their house earlier this season, and we beat them. Then we played in the Copa in our house, and we beat them. And then we played them again in their house in the Copa, and we beat them. Malaga is currently a very rich team who spent a lot in January bringing in some serious talent. They are also in LAST PLACE. Which is to say that we can beat these guys, and we should beat them, but they are a very hungry dog with big sharp teeth getting backed into a very dark corner. They very well could snap any day now, and that day could be tomorrow.


So let’s just kick the crap out of them. Game’s at 1100 ET. Mike, it’s a Sunday game so I’m counting on you to show up and carry the comments. A por ellos.