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Look, this andalucían derby is a big deal every time it’s played, even when Malaga is only (checks table, suppresses small laugh) in second to last place. Sevilla is of course coming off a respectable result in Champions League at mid-week, but in La Liga is coming off their first loss in La Liga (also their first game against a good team in La LIga, though I’m sure that’s just a coincidence). A win would see Sevilla remain in the top three. Go team!

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  1. Rene1 says:

    first match ive gotten to see in a looooong time. very excited to hear what all the fuss and fussing is about. vamos!

  2. Mark_L says:

    Vamos Sevilla! I like how berizzo gives everyone a chance to shine. He trusts the squad we have. Nzonzi and banega have played a lot lately. It’s probably wise to rest them.

  3. Rene1 says:

    two different match threads? confused. first game i’ve been able to watch in a long time. want to see muriel get some goals!

  4. ShendM says:

    Still don’t know what the matter with the match threads is. I started one just because there was none at the time and it was merely 2 hours before the match. Not sure what happened after.

  5. I merged the two threads. @ShendM just start the match posts over at Monchi’s Men.com first so it gets linked to everything.

  6. 13…and counting

  7. 14…and…counting

  8. Or Banega works.

  9. Mark_L says:

    Nice one! Two quick fire goals!

  10. Mercado is absolutely going to lead La Liga in yellow cards.

  11. Banega is incredible

  12. Mark_L says:

    Fantastic win! A great 2nd half and we scored twice when we had our dominant spell. Once again we come on strong in the 2nd period.

    Berizzo made the changes and it paid off. That’s 16 points from 21. Amazing start, we in 2nd spot and guaranteed to be on top 3 for international break but could be 2nd, if atletico slip up tonight at inform leganes.

  13. ShendM says:

    Again, the first team players give another dynamic to the game and we end up winning. Not sure if a good strategy for long term, the season is too damn long.

    Correa made up with that penalty for being quite selfish throughout the match. Beside that pass to Muriel in the first half, all the other attempts were either shots or trying to outplay 2-3 opponents at once, not wise.

    This should’ve been a more comfortable win, sealing it in the first half, but a win is a win, and 3 important points were sealed.

    Mercado has definitely stepped his game up. In overall the defense is tighter as it could ever be, at least vs. average teams like these. Not sure that we can say the same for the other ones as we see what happened with Liverpool… but the return match will show if we improved there, along with other matches like the ones vs. Valencia and Bilbao away coming up (huge matches), vs. Barca etc.

    Not counting the one vs. Atletico as they play like that with everyone and bar the N’Zonzi mistake and that chaos to set Griezmann up for the second, we were quite solid… but that’s just the sneaky bastards of Atletico so can’t draw clear conclusions from that match.

    We’re going into the international break peacefully, that’s what counts. Tough matches ahead, and we must be prepared.

    Also, would like to see Geis have some serious playing time (had only 5-6 mins so far) and see what he is all about. Almost forgot that we loaned him, as he’s not even getting called up at all. CDR may be a good place to start though.


  14. Brian says:

    What a stupid time to kick off in Sevilla

    Well that was the hottest temp I’ve ever seen football played, it was 33c/ 91.4f in the shade and felt double that sitting there in the full sun. God knows how the players coped with it,

  15. I was watching the Atletico game and thinking OK, after 20 minutes we’re just as good as them, so why don’t they just score a couple and get the obvious game over and done with, then we can look forward to the Maribor game. And so it was, except everyone blames Nzonzi for the first goal, he was pulled back in the instant of the back pass which lost all its power, but not to worry, Sergio Rico surged forward with sufficient bad timing to leave an easy goal for Carrasco. Oh well, it left me preferring a 6ft plank of wood planted upright in the middle of goal, surely it would stop more goals than Rico. Can’t we just buy an overweight Sumo wrestler to lay in the middle of the goal?

    Maribor OK, except they were level of a 2ºb team, extremely poor, we should have made short work of them.

    Then today, I was back from my travels but not confident of a victory. Really p*ssed with Betis just one point behind Sevilla, they’re so average and have had so much luck in their games. But the league is still crazy with 3rd bottom just six points behind third top.

    Correa was great again, Banega made a big difference once again, though you have to admit he does lose possession in dangerous places. Cannot for the life of me understand the Correa substitution.

    Navas is now an accomplished player with a lot of experience at the highest level and he’s shown that in his games this season, but today he was reverting to type and going for it when he should have been connecting play a little more.

    Too many changes again though. So now there’s an international break or is there a cup game?

  16. ShendM says:

    First intl. break then CDR. Atletico dropped points so now we’re sitting second for abou 2 weeks.

    Thanks Leganes!

  17. Brian says:

    Tim it was far hotter than 40c in the sun, over in the fondo where we sit it was pure torture. I did see an elderly lady carried out by an ambulance crew during the first half and noticed at the start of the 2nd that numerous people had not returned to their seats. We left 15 minutes before the end of the game, we just couldn’t stand it any longer.

  18. ShendM says:

    Damn… it’s kinda freezing over here in SE Europe especially at night but I can imagine the burning hot weather of Sevilla. It must’ve been also hard for the players, and then we watch them from the TV from our own clime.

    When about will it be cooler in Sevilla, November/December or earlier?

  19. Looks like the Barca game is suspended, an hour to kick-off and they haven’t opened the gates. I say they should be expelled from the league immediately and Sevilla will be league leaders.:grinning:

  20. Brian says:

    Apart from the intolerable heat of July/August which we escape by returning to the Uk. I also find the whole Easter thing gets a bit tiresome after you have experienced it a few times…
    Having processions complete with dirge music from trumpets and drums pass under your bedroom window between 3am and 5am most nights for a week makes you wonder of the existence of any God… :thinking::grinning:

  21. Darren says:

    I was in Sevilla at Christmas time last year and the mornings were cool but days were still low 20’s Celsius and sunny. Been in late September early October and every day was still 30-35 Celsius. And been in late October to early November and was mid 25-27 daily and sunny… don’t think it ever rains hahaha.

  22. ShendM says:

    Is there any drought issue in Sevilla, like California or similar?

  23. There are plenty of dams upstream of the Gualalquivir, so it’s well controlled. Then the river itself has an extensive network of canals around Sevilla to irrigate the famland and keep it green, there are even paddy fields of rice south of Sevilla. But if the politicians and/or environmentalists get too involved you can be sure they’ll create a crisis. So there’s no drought but we’re just one more hot summer away from a serious problem because after 3 years of scarce rainfall, the dams have gone from 80% to 30% full.

  24. ShendM says:

    Quite scary to think of it, but hopefully there will be enough rain to prevent something like that happening.

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